Choose A Ring For Your Engagement And Wedding

Let’s take a look at the trend of choosing a ring for an engagement ring and a wedding ring, as well as some stunning ring designs to inspire you.

Is It Okay To Wear A Ring To An Engagement Or Wedding?

Our readers often ask us if a wedding ring and an engagement ring are suitable.

The answer is simple, yes.

In the past, there may have been specific considerations about marriage customs, but today everything has changed. In modern times, it’s all about character, personality, and expressing yourself. Being true to yourself is more important than following traditions that mean nothing to you. you.

If you and your partner think there’s nothing wrong with wearing a ring to your engagement or wedding, and if people’s words don’t bother you, then the problem is solved.

Why Did You Choose A Ring For Your Engagement And Wedding?

There are many reasons why you might want to wear just one ring. Here are a few:

  • Some people just don’t like to wear jewelry, mostly rings on their fingers. Having to wear two wedding rings can be uncomfortable. This can get in the way of your work, especially if you use your hands as often as nurses or outdoor people who like to exercise.
  • Choosing one ring instead of two is usually a good financial decision. The average price of a wedding dress is around $6,000, or both. A carefully chosen ring can cut the average by half.
  • One ring rules them all. It’s one thing to have This One Unlike two rings, one ring combines elements and symbolism of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you know what we want! say!
  • You are a fashionable person and you want to do something different with a wedding ring. Why do things the same way? Why not make things a little more fun and let people do the talking?

Integrated Ring Design

If you plan to combine an engagement and wedding ring design, you can choose between two options. Firstly, you can choose the minimalist line, choose a simple band, not too flashy, quietly represents your marriage and commitment. Secondly, you can buy a beautiful ring, because if you get only one ring, you want it to be beautiful. Regardless, you want your ring to be meaningful, symbolic, and possibly unique and eye-catching. Here are some ring designs to encourage you:

Combine Popular Elements

Choose a ring that combines elements of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The ring below has several simulated diamonds in different shapes along with a simple gold band that combines three stone rings with elements of the eternal band.

Combine popular elements
Look on Etsy

It Looks Like Two Rings, But No

Choose a ring that looks like two rings, but is actually one elaborate ring. Rings can have criss-cross designs or twisted timeless styles.

A twisted and eternal ring
A twisted and eternal ring

Ancient Ring

If you choose an antique ring, the best way to wear it is by yourself. The modern wedding ring is difficult to match with an antique engagement ring, and the advantage of wearing only one ring is that it attracts attention.

An Edwardian era engagement/marriage ring. Look on etsy
An Edwardian era engagement/marriage ring

Dual Property Rings

A good idea for an engagement and wedding ring is a two main element band. For example, two gemstones or two metal gemstones are ideas that you can use carefully selected materials to symbolize the duality of the ring. be the birthstone or your favorite jewel.

Double sapphire ring. Look at etsy
Double sapphire ring. Look at Etsy

FEDEX / Kimmel Ring

In the past, both engagement rings and wedding rings had the concept of a very popular ring, as evidenced by the existence of a fede or gimmel ring. These incredible rings are joined by two or more metal rings, forming an image of hands holding or holding a heart.

The bride and groom wear a ring to show their commitment. After the wedding, the different bands will be reassembled to form a ring symbolizing their new unity.

Modern copy of FEDEX / GIMEL ring. Look at etsy

Some Final Thoughts

Although it always seems like we wear diamond engagement rings, the fact is that diamond engagement rings are a relatively new tradition that became popular in the early to the mid-20th century. Th The 20th century benefited from De Beers’ intense marketing campaign. The history of wedding rings is much longer.

But with the popularity of an engagement and wedding ring, couples are avoiding the need for two rings.

If you want to know what the rules are for wearing a one-piece ring, the answer is:

There are no rules on how to wear a one-piece ring, as the concept has only just come to light. You can choose how to display it.

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