Finding Europe’s High Quality M&A Firms

Norway’s market has produced stellar examples of breakthrough ventures, and that includes the field of mergers and acquisitions. The M&A field has always involved a highly technical approach because of the amount of risk involved with the convergence of businesses together in every aspect. Now, post-pandemic, the companies coming out of 2020 are increased in number as targets for consolidations and joining. As a result, the right law firm to handle the process, negotiation, and evaluation reviews matters tremendously, especially now with increasing regulation in tech and advancing fields. Go with the wrong choice, and the deal could bring down the company that results from the transaction. Work with the right firm, and it can be an evolutionary growth step forward that brings the company to its next level of performance.

Here is a core group of some of the most notable M&A firms available in Norway and Europe that can help with some of the most challenging M&A situations, including international arenas crossing multiple jurisdictions:


A prime Norwegian firm specializing in M&A negotiations and related capital market investments, Aabø-Evensen provides a highly-coordinated merger team that delivers a boutique-level service for high flexibility, international work, and discrete service comparable to corporations with far less clamor and production. Aabø-Evensen is an ideal choice for a confidential M&A approach, especially when a company wants to keep activities off the media’s radar.

By combining commercial technical skill with industrial depth and M&A negotiation and evaluation experience, Aabø-Evensen meets every criterion for a highly-accomplished M&A firm that can handle equity fund management, infrastructure investment, family business transitions, venture capital moves, and global equity expansions. Yet, due to sizing flexibility, Aabø-Evensen is a perfect match for entrepreneurs engaged in uneven acquisition efforts who need prime representation for the best outcomes on their hard work and effort. Operating now for more than 20 years since 2002, Aabø-Evensen has topped the lists in Norway for best M&A service for 6 years, including four years in a row from 2017 to 2020. Click here for more information.


A well-established firm in its own right with a solid record of service and transactions, Wiersholm has taken on some of the more notable problems and pulled its clients through successfully. The company focuses heavily on practical solutions that have immediate workability as well as commercial application. All the lead attorneys apply solid experience on every critical decision and every package of execution is tailored to the specific details of the companies involved versus generic textbook solutions. A key advantage of Wiersholm is its depth in both Norwegian domestic case applications as well as international deals. This experience and professional licensing give Weirsholm the fluidity necessary to work across borders both in and outside of the European Union. It also gives the firm the ability to deliver a diverse perspective versus just one from singular markets and country environments. More information.


Similarly, staffed with a legal team that touts heavy experience as well as the ability to deal with challenging M&A complexities, Thommessen has also succeeded in professionalizing the unique hybrid of practical, easy-to-apply guidance with hard-to-find technical legal skills. Thommessen positions strongly in the market as a comprehensive service firm. While it specializes in M&A, the firm also has the ability to bring into the fold legal skillsets from other areas including intellectual property, general business, taxation, civil tort, and more. No surprise, Thommessen has a reputation for adding on services that clients find at the moment and the convenience of availability in the same firm. A multi-national company, the firm can operate both in Norway as well as the U.K. and the United States, which creates significant flexibility for international M&A needs. More information.

Remember, a successful merger or acquisition doesn’t happen by just matching up compatible companies. It needs a highly-skilled team to cover all the bases, check the risks, and confirm that the strengths outweigh the disadvantages for both immediate and long-term growth. Pick the right firm, and doing so maximizes the probability of success repeatedly.


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