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How To Decoration For Your Home?

There are several ways to decorate each space in your home, so many that it is quite normal for you to saturate yourself with information.

Present you the popular types of interior decoration from which you will surely be inspired to remodel your home.

How Do Know What Decorating Style Is?

Decorating Style
Decorating Style

Each person, regardless of how their home is, will tend to decorate it in one form or another. 

In order not to fall into the quagmire and not meet your main objectives, we are going to tell you 4 rules that you should avoid. If you do, you can think about your decorating style with a chair and adjust it to your personality. 

1. You don’t want to run. There are indeed several situations and not everyone can act the exact, but if you are lucky enough to be able to extend the move 1 or 2 more days, and with that, the home decoration, accomplish it.

The rush is never good and smaller when it comes to choosing the items for your new refuge.

2. Take a good look at the rooms in your house and pay awareness to the details. Perhaps because of the composition of a part of your floor, the color of the wall, or the type of floor, that thing that you plan to put, in the long run, will not look too promising.

With which, analyze the parts of the house and think about what color, tonality, texture, or type of material could best fit.

3. Don’t copy, stick with, or stick to what others have. Yes, we all have a friend who has the house straight out of a decorating journal, but is it worth copying? If you do, you will forfeit all your personality and you will become obfuscated in trying to make your home as close as possible to theirs, but without giving it your touch and your identity.

4. Copying is not good, but bringing inspired is a very good option. As you get inspired, you will be able to see pictures and types of decoration and think about what style goes best with your role. 

In this way, you will be gathering ideas and creating an inspired but more personal decoration.

Main Decoration Styles

In these times, if the state that there are only 7, 10 or 15 styles or types of decoration for your home, we would be deceiving you, because as you know, the dream is free and there are more and more resources, ideas, or new trends that emerge. out of nowhere and they found a season as a new style. 

Even so, there are still some styles that last over time or are the best known to society and we are going to talk about those today below.

Nordic Or Scandinavian

Surely, on some occasions, you have seen that in decoration magazines, these two styles are impressed as different. However, if we examine their characteristics, they are very the same. The only difference between speaking Nordic or Scandinavian is your country of origin. 

This style arrives from Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, or Finland, but also Denmark. Which, as Denmark is not a Scandinavian country, it’s time to refer to this style as also “Nordic”. 

The characteristics of this kind of decoration are linked to its place of origin. As these northern lands lack sunlight, they had to find alternatives in their homes to make them brighter and that is why what differentiates it from other styles is the following. 


  • White, light, beige, or gray colors as a base. 
  • A simple and uniform composition
  • Smooth shapes and contours (straight lines or subtle curves)
  • Elements related to nature ( wooden furniture )
  • Convey peace, simplicity, tranquility
  • Bring light to the space and a feeling of spaciousness
  • Discover a selection of ideal sofas for this type of decoration.

Navy Or Nautical

For those who love the sea and the beach, this type of decoration could be ideal for them. Thanks to sea tourism and seafarers and consequently with the influence of Latin countries, with their beach houses in the purest naval style, a new style was created that is increasingly being liked.

Due to its setting and style, it is usually used more in summer or in homes and rooms that are near the beach, but even so, if you like this aspect of decoration so much, you should be able to adapt it to all seasons so that everything looks better in line with the time of year.


  • Blue and white striped prints and touches of red or textiles with bluish colors.
  • The atmosphere of peace and relaxation and atmosphere of freshness
  • Wooden furniture ( light or white tones .. )
  • Accessories like sailor knots, shells, wicker baskets, pennants, anchors, starfish, floats, and life jackets.
  • It will enhance the natural light outside
  • Light materials such as linen or cotton

Renovated Classic Or Modern Classic

Modern Classic
Modern Classic

This style is for those who want to get a modern touch, but without losing the elegance and reality of the classic.

Although it seems that it has been around for numerous years, this type of decoration was born due to a trend and a desire: to preserve the essence of yesteryear, but turn the classic into an additional contemporary environment. 

Now traditional forms are popular and floors with high ceilings, large windows, and wall moldings are in high demand. But we cannot settle for the style of the past: we want something restored and, for this, it must evolve.


  • The contrast between light walls and dark furniture
  • Traditional shapes and furniture with simple lines
  • Add pieces mod e RNAs with more daring designs or materials different finish.
  • Plain fabrics or with subtle prints
  • Neutral colors and a combination of stone and marble with hardwood.
  • The warm and welcoming atmosphere


Have you ever imagined living in a factory? Well, if you like the type of industrial decoration, you will experience a relatively similar sensation as if you lived in a working warehouse. 

This style emerged in New York in the 1950s, when young artists and immigrants lived in plants full of beams, concrete, and bricks because of not being able to pay their rent. 

Seeing that it was a groundbreaking trend and a style with a lot of character could be created, interior designers decided to go for this kind of ornamentation and implement it in new homes.


  • Beams, columns, and concrete, as well as exposed pipes and pipes
  • Wide spaces, with high ceilings and without partitioning (loft type – all in the same space)
  • Large windows and lighting hanging from the ceiling
  • Colors like white, black, gray, and brown
  • The versatile, neutral character with personality
  • Weathered wood or industrial style furniture


If you consider yourself an orderly, practical, and simple person, this style can have a good possibility of becoming the most successful for you. Its origins mean to the 1960s, in the United States, but it was not until the 1970s that this trend began to move. 

By contributing with this style you will turn your home into a place with essential elements, without frills, with practical and balanced rooms, and playing with Nordic or Scandinavian combinations.


  • The colors of the floor and walls are very similar or according to the colors or shades of the furniture.
  • Smooth surfaces: low, wide, and smooth furniture.
  • Highlight the architectural lines above the decoration
  • Elegance: clean spaces, with hardly any furniture.
  • Materials such as wood, glass, and cement
  • A comfortable environment that evokes well-being

If your apartment is small, don’t worry. In this article, we show you how to take advantage of small spaces.


Is there anyone on this planet who has not heard of vintage? Certainly not! In recent years, this style has acquired strength and this is reflected both in fashion and in the decorations of homes, cafes, and even offices. 

It is a style that evokes the decade from the 30s to the 80s and is a combination between the classic and the romantic, with touches of the most avant-garde. It is dressing contemporary spaces or people without completely leaving the past times.


  • White as a base color mixed with bright colors or pastel tones for furniture and accessories. 
  • Wicker, wood, and wrought iron materials
  • Complements and accessories such as telephone from the 50s, vases, paintings, art deco lamps, trunks, antique clocks.
  • Presence of plants and flowers in the rooms of the house
  • Fabrics ( rugs, blankets, or covers) in bright colors, fresh or with flower patterns.
  • Furniture with curved and wavy shapes

Bohemian Or Boho Chic

For those who seek tranquility, contact with nature and enjoy and pay attention to the little things that life gives us, we have this style for them: The Bohemian or boho chic. 

This type of decoration or current is born from the need to provide a value, a meaning to life and to be able to be connected with nature, without thinking about problems, enjoying easy things, and feeling relaxed.

If synonyms were sought, one could speak of happiness, freedom, and love of life. A movement that would be connected to the hippie chic, the vintage, and the gypsy.


  • Style with adventurous, edgy, and spiritual touches
  • Simple and casual decoration
  • Natural materials such as plants, wood, or animal skins (synthetic) are in contrast to metals.
  • Ethnic tones and elements with a predominance of Arabic.
  • Prints (carpets, textiles, and upholstery.) with vibrant colors
  • Varied color combinations (more is more).

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