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James Ransom Johnson-Brown

James Ransom Johnson-Brown is the son of famous American actor Clancy Brown. His mother’s name is Jeanne Johnson. James Ransom Johnson-Brown was born in 2003. He is 19 years old at the age of 2022. He also has an older sister named Rose Beth Brown. James Ransom Johnson-Brown shares his father’s passion for sports, which Brown never tires of showing off on Twitter. James Ransom Johnson-Brown father is a person that a lot of people are interested in reading about.

James Ransom Johnson-Brown father Clancy Brown the role of the actor is a typical villain and psychopath: in the thriller Pet Cemetery 2, his character ruined his family by rising from the dead, and in the drama The Shawshank Redemption, he showed himself to be an extremely cruel police officer. However, in life, Brown is an exemplary family man and an open-hearted person.

Clancy Brown (Clarence Jay Brown) was born on January 5, 1959, in Urbana, Ohio to an artistic family. Grandmother of James Ransom Johnson-Brown Joyce Helen (nee Eldridge) is a pianist who composed and conducted, and his grandfather Jay Brown continued the family business at the Brown Publishing Company. Clarence is the middle child in the family. Clancy’s sister Beth died of leukemia in 1964.

The tragic event later inspired the actor to philanthropy: the Beth Brown Memorial Foundation he created assists students who dream of devoting themselves to pediatrics. Two more children of the Brown family, Kate and Roy, are younger than Clarence. Brown spent a significant part of his biography in Washington state. He graduated from St. Albans School in the US capital and Northwestern University, and in Chicago, he first showed acting talent.

Clancy Brown on the screen and in life is completely different. So say people close to the actor, for example, his wife Joan Johnson. The couple has been together since 1993. Of course, it’s humor. The personal life of Clancy and Joan is more like a fairy tale. They raised two children: Rose Beth Brown was born in October 1995, and James Ransom Johnson-Brown was born in 2003. The actor calls himself an avid reader. He especially likes the works of Frank Herbert.

Father of James Ransom Johnson-Brown pays a lot of attention to charity. In 1999, he spearheaded a fundraising campaign for Jessica Madison Wright, who played his daughter in the television series Earth 2. The girl suffered from cardiomyopathy and needed a heart transplant. The actor helped raise funds for the operation. Unfortunately, 7 years later, in July 2007, Wright died of a heart attack.

In his youth, Clancy Brown dreamed of becoming a firefighter, archaeologist, scuba diver, or circus acrobat, but from the 7th grade, from the first appearance on stage, he finally decided on the future. Due to his powerful physique (height 191 cm with a weight of 90 kg) and deep voice, Brown often acts like a villain. His debut film is aptly titled The Bad Boys (1983).

In Brown’s filmography, there is no place for secondary roles, but the price for this is great. For the role of Victor Frankenstein in the fantasy film The Bride (1985), he had to wear artificial limbs. The skin of the face became so inflamed that the actor was hospitalized. When asked about wearing a mask while filming Highlander (1986), Brown flatly refused. He generally wanted to leave the project, but Christopher Lambert, an actor and Brown’s best friend, convinced him to stay.

One of Clancy Brown’s frequent roles is as a police officer: he played Sheriff Gus Gilbert in Pet Cemetery 2 (1992), Captain Byron Headley in The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Lieutenant McManis in Last Light (1994), and Lieutenant Jimmy Williams in The Hurricane (1999). By the way, a couple of the films on this list are based on the scripts of Stephen King. The writer personally approved of Brown in the cast, because the actor could be “crazy, merciless, capable of killing.”

Perhaps Brown’s most famous role is as Lex Luthor, Superman’s nemesis. The actor played this character in films and voiced it in cartoons for more than 12 years. Initially, Brown auditioned for the role of Clark Kent, but the thunderous voice and overweight figure again made the villain out of the actor. Brown acted as another antagonist of the DC Universe – Parallax, the alter ego of Hal Jordan, a former Green Lantern.

Film roles occupy the lion’s share in Clancy Brown’s filmography, but he also starred in TV shows, voiced cartoons, and games were drawn from him. One of his latest projects is the video story Detroit: Become Human (2018). Together with Brown, Bryan Descartes, Jesse Williams, Lance Henriksen, and others became the prototypes.

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