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If you are looking for the “Smile now cry later meaning” So you are at the right place. In this article, you can find out everything you could be interested in about the tattoo “Smile now cry later meaning “, the meaning, history, and interpretation of the tattoo design. Learn about the features and options.

What Is A Tattoo?

Tattoo – a permanent image or inscription on the skin, which is applied by introducing coloring pigments under the skin. The process of drawing a picture by damaging the skin is called tattooing. The main distinguishing quality of a tattoo is the way the pattern is applied to the skin.

What Does This Tattoo Look Like Smile Now Cry Later?

What Does This Tattoo Look Like Smile Now Cry Later?
What Does This Tattoo Look Like Smile Now Cry Later?

This tattoo looks something like this: a mask is drawn on the left and right sides: a laughing face with the signature Smile Now (laugh now) and a crying face with the signature Cry Later (cry later) is drawn on the other side.

What Does The Tattoo Smile Now Cry Later Meaning?

The tattoo with the following caption: “Laugh now, cry later”, like almost all tattoos, has a deep Smile now cry later meaning. And we can say that in this case, this meaning is very philosophical. The tattoo is associated with ancient Greek theater. And she says that you need to enjoy life right now, live for today.

The most common meaning of the phrase “ smile now cry later meaning the tattoo ” is to live life to the fullest now and worry about the consequences later. The most popular tattoo styles are skulls, bells, or theatrical masks with the words “ smile now, cry later” because tomorrow you may be dead or in jail.

Who Has This Tattoo Smile Now Cry Later?

Many famous people have had the “Smile now cry later” tattoo with two theatrical masks. Such as:

  • Tupac Shakur
  •  Tom Hardy
  •  and others.

Usually, such a tattoo is filled with creative personalities. And mostly actors. A striking example of such a person is the famous English actor Tom Hardy. Two theatrical masks and the text “Smile now cry later” are stuffed on Tom’s chest and symbolize his creative nature and profession.

What Did Do Theater Masks Mean?

Theatrical mask tattoos that say “Smile now cry later ” or “Laugh now cry later ” are associated with gang members and non-gang members alike. It symbolizes the philosophy of doing what is right and enjoying life now.

Usually, a tattoo in the form of a mask carries the following meanings:

  1. All life is a theater where people are ordinary actors.
  2. A person who has such a tattoo is creative.
  3. The person who has such a tattoo is a theater actor.

Often, the two masks depicted represent a life that will teach a person to laugh through tears. (the facial expressions of the masks are cheerful and sad). The very phrase “Smile now cry later” from English into Russian can be translated and interpreted in different ways. There are several options:

  1. Laugh now, cry later.
  2. After laughing you have to cry.
  3. Everything has to be paid for.

A tattoo on the body can be taken as a way of self-expression. A tattoo is a way to emphasize personal individuality and originality. One of these tattoos is the “Smile now cry later” tattoo. In addition to expressing one’s own “I”, in ancient times, tattoos were used to depict sacred and hidden meanings. People depicted various religious designations, meanings, etc. on their bodies.

Every person has always strived and strives for beauty. And therefore, people who are interested in tattoos are most often very responsible in choosing the next image on their body. After all, a tattoo has always been perceived as an original decoration of the body.

Thus, the choice of a tattoo is always a very time-consuming process. It is worth understanding what exactly you are stuffing and what this tattoo means. Not always what you want to fill carries a true and close meaning to you. You need to study the designation of tattoos and specific images.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Tattoo Smile Now Cry Later?

How to determine the right age for tattooing? Do not forget that the tattoo in all cultures that existed on the planet occupied a certain cultural layer. The older and more experienced the person, the more deliberately he decides to take this step. And when choosing an image, he is driven not by emotions, but by deep consciousness. It is also important that applying a high-quality image is not cheap. Therefore, tattooing is recommended for individuals over 18 years of age.

In a separate group should be allocated tattoos that depict the profession of a person. Also, through a tattoo, you can express belonging to a particular profession or field:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Sea

Choosing A Place For A Tattoo Smile Now Cry Later?

Choosing a place for a tattoo Smile now cry later?
Choosing a place for a tattoo Smile now cry later?

Usually, Tattoos can be applied to almost all parts of the body. The placement of the tattoo also has its significance, which should be considered before going to the tattoo parlor.


The arm is a very popular body part for tattoos Smile now cry later. On the shoulder, images of medium sizes are perfectly placed. They can be connected to the forearm region. Also, On the hand, you can perfectly use the volume, giving the picture originality. Drawings in the form of bracelets, floral ornaments, small pictures are applied to the wrist area. Tattoos are placed on the fingers by people who associate themselves with their past or profession. Also, Keep reading, where you can other tattoos placed on your body.

Head, Face, Neck

There are both advantages and disadvantages to getting a tattoo on your head. You can hide the drawing by increasing your hair. This quality is also the main disadvantage. Since you constantly have to shave your head to demonstrate all the beauty.

Small images are placed on the neck area, which looks great on a limited area. The most popular symbol is the picture of a bat. Tribal motifs also look exquisite.

On the face, permanent makeup is most often done. And only the most courageous and determined individuals are ready to put a tattoo on their face. This area is almost impossible to hide. Except under a mask.

Back, Waist, Chest

Men have tattoos on the upper chest. In this zone, you can apply a drawing of a fairly large scale. Symmetric patterns look beautiful.

The female breast is a specific place for tattoo placement. It should be held in mind that with age, the female breast changes shape. The perfect place for tattooing is the back and lower back.


On a woman’s body, the thigh is one of the ideal parts to place a large-scale tattoo. The wizard can use additional scope options.

Many attractive motifs can be placed on the caviar. But this zone still puts the master in front of a large number of specific “foot” issues. The ankles make it possible to place a pattern in the form of a bracelet or symmetrical on both legs.

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