Tinder Photos Not Uploading

In this article, we will discuss Tinder Photos Not Uploading. It seems that another of the most common problems of the application to flirt online, Tinder, is not being able to upload photos or not being able to change the profile picture. Tinder is an application that uses Facebook as an authentication system to try to eliminate the problem of false profiles, but this association has caused many technical problems for Tinder, one of the most common is not receiving the verification code from Tinder when the app is installed. Another problem that many readers have reported is tinder photos not uploading. Here we discuss with you how to solve it.

Trying to fix Tinder problems is very complicated because there never seems to be a single solution and what works for one person may not always work for another. The close relationship between Tinder and Facebook means that sometimes the problem is the Facebook app and sometimes the Tinder app. Also, the developers of Tinder offer very little help in trying to solve the technical problems or doubts of their users. For this reason, you must know of a solution other than the one mentioned here. You can go to it.

How To Upload Photos To Tinder

If you have decided to use Tinder because you are looking for the love of your life or just for fun, this is a good option. Tinder is an online dating app that has gained a lot of popularity since it was launched in 2012 and is now being used by people of almost all ages (18+).

The first thing you need to know to solve the problem to upload photos to Tinder is to know the correct way to upload these photos know that you cannot upload photos to Tinder directly but you will need to upload your photos to Facebook so that Tinder syncs and captures your photos. photos. Here are the steps you must follow to upload photos to Tinder:

Link the Tinder app to your Facebook account. You must carry out this step when you first create your account. As we already mentioned, Tinder uses Facebook as an authentication system. Many online dating sites are full of fake profiles, by forcing you to use your social network account, Tinder seeks to minimize the number of fake accounts.

Upload your photos from your Facebook account. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upload photos directly to your Tinder profile from your phone or tablet. The only photos you can upload to Tinder come from your Facebook profile. For Tinder to upload your photos, you need to set the Facebook photos you want to use on Tinder to “Public”.

Some users mention that it is possible to upload photos to Tinder in “Private” or “Only for me” status, but this seems to be another bug in the app, if you check your Tinder photos the photos do appear but the photos don’t appear to other Tinder users who view your profile. Another way is to upload the photos to Facebook, make them public, upload them to Tinder, and delete them from Facebook once uploaded to Tinder.

How to upload photos to Tinder
How to upload photos to Tinder

How To Solve The Problem Of Tinder Photos Not Uploading

If you’re having trouble uploading photos to your Tinder profile, you might take comfort in knowing that many users have this same problem. This seems to be a bug in the application that affects many people.

Solution 1

Don’t delete the Tinder app. We have heard that deleting the app and reinstalling it does not fix this issue. Make sure your Tinder and Facebook apps are up to date and that your device settings allow app sync.

Close your Tinder account. Completely close the Tinder app. Also, make sure it doesn’t continue to run the app in the background.

Open the Facebook app. Make sure you are using the Facebook account that is connected to Tinder. From the Facebook app, go to Settings. Look for the Apps option and click and look for the Logged in with Facebook option. Next, you will see all the applications connected to your Facebook account, click on Tinder.

Remove Tinder from Facebook. Once the above step is completed, look for the Remove App option and remove Tinder. Facebook will give you the option to also delete App History but you don’t have to.

Sign in to your Tinder account. Open the Tinder app and authenticate using your username and password. Try to sync Tinder with Facebook again and try to upload photos.

Solution 2

This possible solution is for users with Android devices.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your device
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Go to Don’t Keep Activities
  • disable the option

Solution 3

  • Update the Tinder app (in case there is a new update)
  • Make sure your photos are in a public album or at least visible to your friends on your Facebook account.
  • Sign out of Tinder. Go to the Settings option, then Application Settings and click Sign Out.
  • Completely close Tinder. Even if you have closed the app, it will most likely still be running in the background. If you’re using an iPhone, quickly double-click the Home button and you’ll see all the apps running in the background. Find the Tinder app and swipe it up on the screen. If you are using an Android phone, go to the Settings option, go to Application Management, select Tinder and click on Force close.
  • Reopen Tinder and use your details to sign in.
  • Try uploading your photos.

We hope that one of these options will help you fix the problem of tinder photos not uploading.

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