5 Favorite Anti-Aging Operations Of Stars

Celebrities are on camera all the time, and every change in their appearance is discussed by thousands of people. Not everyone can afford to age naturally, so anti-aging plastic surgery is in great demand among public figures. In this article, Let’s talk about the five most effective.


It is generally accepted that rhinoplasty is needed only to correct cosmetic defects, although it provides an excellent anti-aging effect that many people do not know about. “Over time, all tissues of the body lose their elasticity and sag, and the same processes occur with the nose,” says Tigran Aleksanyan, plastic surgeon, chief physician of the Art Plastic clinic, MD.

In addition, over the years, the cartilage structure of the nose also changes, and problems with nasal breathing may appear. The result is an unaesthetic nose with a bent overhanging tip and causing discomfort to its owner. Many celebrities undergo a complex rhinoseptoplasty operation to harmonize the proportions of the face and body, get rid of age-related deformities, and normalize breathing.”


The skin in the eye area is very thin and therefore undergoes age-related changes earlier than other areas. The eyelids lose their elasticity and sag, bags form, and fatty hernias may appear in the lower eyelids. “All these metamorphoses make even a fairly young face tired and unhealthy, so blepharoplasty has been in a stable demand for many years,” says our expert.

Blepharoplasty is critically needed for those who work in the frame, but non-star patients also love this operation very much. The optimal age for such plastic surgery is 40-45 years old to maintain beautiful contours in this area.


A decrease in the elasticity of the skin and muscles of the face causes the formation of ptosis, jowls, and a second chin. The face looks “blurred”, the contours become fuzzy, and wrinkles become deep and heavy. “This is especially noticeable in people with the so-called deformation type of aging,” says Tigran Aleksanyan. In such a situation, it is optimal to comprehensively solve the problems of visual aging, using one of the face lifting techniques.

There are many options – coronary lifting, endoscopic lifting, and lifting of various third parties. But the most popular and in-demand is a circular facelift with SMAS-lifting. This operation eliminates age-related deformities and restores elasticity not only to the skin but also to the deep muscle layer of the face. Due to this, the result looks more natural and lasts longer.


Surgery to correct the neck zone is not as discussed as lifting or blepharoplasty, but it is very popular. It is believed that it is the neck that gives out the real age of its owner, in this zone folds and the so-called rings of Venus – circular wrinkles begin to form early.

“Platysmaplasty is designed to restore a youthful appearance to the neck, which is a tightening of the neck muscles,” says our expert. – The surgeon returns the skin and muscles in this area, making it firm and smooth. Often, the operation is done in combination with lifting the lower third of the face. If you see an adult actress with a perfect neck on the red carpet, you should know that she has undergone platysmaplasty.”

Body Correction

Celebrities are just people, and as they age, their bodies change and become imperfect. Postpartum deformities of the chest and abdomen, body fat, and hormonal fat traps in problem areas disturb ordinary women, let alone those who are always in the lens of the paparazzi.

“Actresses often have to quickly gain or lose weight for roles, and this also involves the body and health,” says our expert. “Therefore, body correction surgeries are still in demand: abdominoplasty makes a flat, tightened stomach, mammoplasty restores breast elasticity and volume, liposuction eliminates unaesthetic fat bulges in the hips, waist, armpits, and knees.”

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