5 Songs to Slow Dance To At Your Wedding

It can be difficult to determine a professional wedding DJ for your big day. But it’s important to choose one who knows how to exercise the most important aspects of DJing a wedding: things like hitting the right cues, orchestrating the party for the night, and choosing the right slow jams for the bride and groom.

Many songs are grossly overplayed, and since it’s your special day, you want the songs to be tailored to your experience. That being said, there are some timeless classics that are not only crowd-pleasers, but simply great songs to hold someone close to. In this blog, we’re going to focus on five of the best songs historically to slow dance to, particularly at a wedding. 

According to Forbes, 2022 was a massive year for weddings, as several couples were anxious to tie the knot after being forced to wait for two years due to the pandemic. Now, weddings are overflowing the calendar dates, and 2023 has an expected jump as well. So, sorry in advance, because you might’ve heard these songs a lot this year already. 

At Last – Etta James 

Does anyone ever get tired of this song, honestly? This classic is a smooth, love ballad that perfectly reflects the wonderful aspects of a wedding. You’ve finally found your love and put a ring on it. Enjoy. 

Coming Home – Leon Bridges 

This modern, soul-like type throwback song is the perfect song for slow dancing, but not too slow. You can add a bounce to your step that makes it a little more fun while you hold your loved one in your arms. Plus, it’s likely a song that isn’t too overplayed at weddings. You get bonus points for that. 

Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper 

No matter how many times you hear this song, it always delivers, time after time. Add a little nostalgia to your wedding and imply you’ll always be there for your new spouse. This is sure to please all audiences and it’s a fun song everyone can sing along to and dance to. 

And I Love Her – The Beatles 

From the opening guitar riff of this song, the smooth feel is a calming, comforting, and promising song of love and admiration. It’s not necessarily a conventional wedding song but is a classy classic that is straight to the point with its message. You chose her, and you love her. 

I Belong To You – Brandi Carlile 

This is perhaps the sweetest song on the list. It’s a vulnerable admission of love to a partner that says “I’m yours.” Brandi Carlile has a one-of-a-kind voice that screams human goodness every time she opens her mouth. Audiences will walk away with a new song to listen to regularly, and you can share a special moment with your loved one on the dance floor knowing you belong to them. 


Did we leave off your favorite? The good news is because it’s your big day, the playlist is all yours to control. But with these five songs, you’re sure to mix classics with new, sweet songs everyone at the celebration will enjoy. They’ll hit the right sentimental notes, and you’ll find yourself holding your spouse a little closer as you take in the words. 


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