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Boosted Chick Net Worth

Boosted Chick Net Worth

Boosted GT is the name of one of the stars of “Street Outlaws” and has an estimated net worth of $10 billion in 2022. His name was inspired by the Ford Mustang that he owns. He has made some notable purchases such as a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that he bought for a song from Milwaukee. He was a part of the show’s third season and a big part of the Southern Charm era. His newest venture, a clothing line, has been lauded by fans.

He has also built a pretty nice car collection that he shares with his wife, Samantha. She has an impressive Instagram following and is a proud owner of a cat called Mowers.Boosted lives in New York City with her son, Beckett. She has an eye for a good deal and can’t help but take a little advantage of her status as a celebrity. Having a large fan base is probably a good thing, as she is always promoting the latest restaurant on the block.

The biggest buck winner from the show is Shep Rose, a high-profile bachelor who has a lot of money to burn. He owes his wealth to his family, who were not exactly tight with cash. He also has some significant investments in real estate and bars. His name may be a bit obscure to the casual observer, but he was once the ultimate bachelor. Luckily, he’s been on the rebound since the show ended in 2015 and has a better chance of hitting the big time in the coming years. He wore many hats on the show, from the playboy to the ultimate bachelor to the man who got away.

He may not be as flashy as his co-stars, but he knows how to have fun. He is one of the most interesting personalities on the show. His wacky antics are a blast and he even has a little time for his friends and family. Among his friends are James Love and Jenna Lyons, who will both appear on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of New York”. If you’re looking for a show that will make your night out on the town a bit more enjoyable, you should consider checking out Street Outlaws.

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