Boosting Sales and Profits With Refrigerated Cases

Whether you operate a supermarket, corner store or bakery, increasing sales is a crucial goal. Heated and refrigerated display cases can help boost your bottom line. Refrigerated bakery cases feature clear glass and excellent lighting that attracts customers to your baked goods. They are also easy to replenish and organize since you usually don’t need to open the doors.

Attractive Merchandising

For bakery owners, attractive merchandising of mouthwatering treats is a key component of customer satisfaction. Moreover, it helps you drive impulse purchases from customers at checkout. Glass display cases are a great accessory to help you highlight your merchandise. They provide a sleek, modern look that can make your store stand out from competitors. They also allow the products inside to steal the spotlight without the need for aggressive selling techniques.

While open cases are a common choice for many retailers, there are some benefits to refrigerated cases with doors that most yet-to-be-noticed have yet to look into. These include improved product quality, energy savings and increased profitability. You must select an appropriate display case depending on the type of products you are selling. For instance, if you display figurines and other delicate items, acrylic would be a good option as it is less likely to break than traditional glass. It is also lighter and offers more visibility for your customers.

Maintaining Freshness

Refrigerated display cases are a vital piece of equipment for many grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. They safeguard the quality of food products and create an allure that draws in customers. They also help to maintain a safe serving temperature, preventing foods from going bad before they can be sold. While open-front refrigerated displays are popular with shoppers, they require more energy to keep chilled products at ideal temperatures than closed cases.

As a result, they can lead to higher utility bills and unnecessary food waste. Refrigerated bakery and deli cases are ideal for coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and convenience stores. They offer low temperatures that preserve the freshness of baked goods, prepackaged food items and deli meats. They’re available with forced air or gravity coil systems, with the latter best for deli products as they don’t dry out the merchandise. They also can be equipped with dual-temperature models that allow a bakery to sell refrigerated and non-refrigerated merchandise simultaneously.

Boosting Profits

Refrigerated cases are a vital component of any food service business. These displays showcase cold foods and help drive sales while promoting freshness and safety. They are also a great tool to use for cross-merchandising. For example, a refrigerated display case with bakery items can highlight pies, cakes, danishes and other desserts.

A refrigerated display case can boost profits for your restaurant or store by reducing the amount of food thrown out. When customers can see the food you offer, it is much easier for them to decide. When selecting a refrigerated display case, it is important to choose one self-contained. This means that all the functional components, such as the compressor and evaporator, are housed in the topic. This makes the unit easier to install and operate. It can also increase energy efficiency because it doesn’t need to draw in air from outside.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

Refrigerated cases are a great way to maintain the highest quality baked goods. Clear glass panels and strategically placed lighting highlight your products, making them visually appealing to potential customers. As a result, an attractive bakery presentation boosts customer satisfaction and contributes to increased sales. In addition, a refrigerated display case can save energy.  The market for refrigerated displays is growing.

These units are widely used in retail stores, restaurants & hotels, etc. They are available in different models, including self-contained and remote cases. These cabinets are designed to keep food, beverages, and desserts at a low temperature, and feature forced air systems with fans circulating cold air throughout the cabinet. They are also available in different sizes to accommodate various merchandising needs.

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