Cases Handled By a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney handles legal issues that affect the family. It can include matters such as divorce, child custody and support. They assist customers in creating prenuptial agreements to safeguard the assets they bring into a marriage. A family lawyer can also ensure that child support calculations are accurate. They can also represent victims in abuse and neglect proceedings or help them terminate parental rights.

Child Custody

A family law attorney can help you navigate child custody issues through mediation or trial. They can protect your rights, and the final agreement aligns with what’s best for your children. Custody arrangements are often complex and include both legal and physical custody. Legal custody defines who decides for the child, whereas physical custody relates to where the child will live. Courts generally consider both parents’ rights and responsibilities when awarding custody. Having Volusia County family law attorneys by your side can help you understand your rights and ensure all the paperwork is completed properly. They can also assist you with adoption matters and handle other legal complications that may arise during a divorce or separation.


A legal procedure called divorce dissolves a marriage. Getting divorced involves many issues, such as property division, child custody, support and alimony (or maintenance). You should always hire an experienced family law attorney for a complex case. An attorney specializing in divorce is called a Family Law Specialist, and only those with extensive experience, continuing education and courtroom trial skills have this designation. Some family attorneys also specialize in collaborative divorce, which differs from traditional litigation.

It is important to note that just because an attorney markets themselves as a divorce lawyer does not mean they do not offer other family services. However, most attorneys with a practice skewed toward divorce do not handle prenuptial agreements, guardianship or adoption, to name a few examples.

Child Support

Family lawyers help with various legal issues involving children, including custody and visitation rights. They can also assist with adoptions by filing all legal paperwork correctly. They can also help with guardianship for extended family members like grandparents. Whether you’re involved in a dispute over alimony or a divorce, family law matters are highly emotional and stressful. An expert lawyer can help you through the process and reduce stress by giving you legal advice.

Additionally, they can assist you in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and other legal instruments to safeguard your assets. They are familiar with local judges and court procedures so that they can file documents quickly. They will also keep you informed of important deadlines and deliverables.


You can manage the challenging adoption procedure with the assistance of a family law attorney. They can help you choose whether to go through an agency or work independently and prepare all required paperwork for a successful outcome. Family lawyers can also assist in various other legal matters, including guardianship, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, and more. They have most likely appeared before a judge in your area, so they know what to expect and can file the correct documentation quickly to keep your case moving smoothly. Adoption is an emotional yet exciting time for a family. Ensure your case is prepared and presented to the court appropriately by hiring a Colorado family law attorney. They will save you much frustration and ensure all legal requirements are met.


In some States, a father cannot legally claim rights and responsibilities to his child unless paternity is established. An experienced family law attorney can help men assert their parental rights in paternity proceedings by guiding them through the process, including arranging DNA testing, if necessary. Legal paternity is important for a father’s visitation rights, access to medical records and benefits, social security, and inheritance rights. A qualified paternity lawyer can help fathers fight to retain these rights through court proceedings or settlement negotiations. An attorney can also help modify current custody, support and visitation orders based on substantial changes in circumstances. It is particularly important for same-sex couples who may have unique legal challenges.

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