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Crazy Lamp Lady Net Worth

This article is about Crazy Lamp Lady net worth. Crazy Lamp Lady, whose true name is Jocelyn Elizabeth, is a well-known YouTuber and influencer in America. His net worth is estimated to be about $500000.

She has gained a lot of Internet fame over the years, and she goes by the names Relic Recoverist and Crazy Lamp Lady. On social media and her YouTube channel, she has always used both of her identities. She is also a Treasure Hunter and a Blogger.

According to Crazy Lamp Lady’s boyfriend updates, she was dating Andrew Whole. They are now happily married. Crazy lamp Lady’s husband is a long-time numismatist and owner of Oldetyme Numismatics. Both of them have similar professional backgrounds.

The YouTuber is known as the Crazy Lamp Lady because she is crazier than people think she is when it comes to antique lamps. Over the years, her pursuits have expanded beyond lamps to include full-time resale and content creation on YouTube.

Crazy Lamp Lady, an American YouTuber, and influencer were born Jocelyn Elizabeth in Methuen, Massachusetts, on September 1st, 1988. She also grew up in Pennsylvania, where she attended Dillsburg Senior High School in northern Pennsylvania.

In 2017, the highest-paid YouTuber finished her studies. She went on to a community college in the Harrisburg area. Crazy Lamp Lady earned an associate’s degree in general studies while she was there. She also continues to live in Pennsylvania, where she was born.

She was mostly a marketing manager before joining YouTube. In addition, Crazy Lamp Lady has functioned as the marketing administrator for Logisys incorporated. She worked for this company from 2014 to 2015.

She was also the owner of Rust & Estate Sales at about the same time. She gradually began working for Computer Aid in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a marketing administrator. However, she later considered quitting her work.

Finally, in 2018, the well-paid YouTuber and social media influencer left her position at Computer Aid to focus solely on retailing her merchandise and generating YouTube content. She began working as a freelance blogger on her website Relic Recoverist shortly after 2014.

She then began to pursue her profession in this manner for several years. Finally, she worked for the American Digger magazine as a freelance writer. She writes a twice-weekly column titled “Dirt Diaries: Confessions of a Compulsive Digger” there. Her extraordinary professional path landed her in the top YouTuber’s net worth category.

Crazy Lamp Lady net worth is estimated to be about $500000 in 2022. Previously, the crazy lamp lady believed she would not be able to excel in this profession. However, she began to become more engaged in the video she posted on YouTube in 2016. The well-known YouTuber began traveling across the country and producing films about treasure hunting.

She transitioned to her new channel, Crazy Lamp Lady, at the beginning of 2019. She eventually achieved the Silver play button as well. According to forecasts for 2022, she is currently a six-figure eBay seller who sells roughly 700 to 900 items every month.

Crazy Lamp Lady, like many other YouTubers, has some fascinating facts about her.

Crazy Lamp Lady had once recovered the fourth parrots she had accidentally purchased from the metal detecting world. Discovering artifacts had piqued her interest, which eventually turned into a passion for numismatics and coins.

Today, Crazy Lamp Lady is friends with a number of YouTubers, including Thrifter Junker Vintage Hunter, Flying Pig Thrifts, and The Cult Of Vintage. She is a big supporter of Garrett metal detectors and is friendly with the people who work in the production department.

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