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Cyrus Chestnut Net Worth

Cyrus Chestnut Net Worth

During the early 1990s, Cyrus Chestnut became one of the most prominent jazz pianists of his generation. He is considered to be a master of both hard bop and gospel music, and his versatility is apparent in many of his recordings. His 2001 album Soul Food is a great example of his ability to blend multiple genres. The album featured Christian McBride, who provided the vocals, and it reached the top ten on the jazz charts.

In addition to his career as a jazz pianist, Cyrus Chestnut is also a producer and composer. He has worked with some of the popular names in the music industry. He has recorded several solo albums, as well as small group albums for Atlantic Records and Jazz Legacy Productions. Cyrus Chestnut also appeared in the 1996 film Kansas City. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award and was featured on several recordings. In late 2007, he released a collection of Elvis Presley songs on Coch Records.

Cyrus Chestnut has a family. He has a brother named Darius Dobre and twin brothers, Marcus and Lucas Dobre. His parents were both musicians. His father began teaching Cyrus to play the piano at age three. He later became a church organist. During his childhood, he attended church piano lessons with his father. After completing school, he went on to study at the Berklee College of Music. He also earned a degree in jazz composition and arrangement. He graduated in 1985.

Cyrus Chestnut has accumulated tremendous net worth. His estimated net worth is currently at $25 million. He has also been estimated to be worth a little over $70 million in the future. The estimates are based on online sources.

Cyrus Chestnut is considered to be the richest Pianist in the world. He has collaborated with some of the most famous names in the music industry, including Dizzy Gillespie and Bette Midler. He has also performed with many of the greatest singers and instrumentalists of our time. He has also appeared on the soundtrack of the movie Kansas City, directed by Robert Altman.

He has recorded several solo albums and is often called a “Jazz Pianist of the First Generation.” His solo album Revelation was released in 1994. His most recent release is Cyrus plays Elvis, which was released on Coch Records in 2007. His other albums include Soul Food and Genuine Chestnut, both of which were released on Telark Records in 2006.

He has toured with many renowned artists, including George Mraz and Kathleen Battle. He has also been involved with the film A Charlie Brown Christmas, which he recorded with the Boys’ Choir of Harlem. He also has worked with Freddie Hubbard, Isaac Hayes, and Chick Corea.

He has appeared in several movies, including the film Kansas City, directed by Robert Altman. He has also collaborated with the legendary vocalists Vince Guaraldi and Vanessa Williams. He has also performed with Joe Lovano and Roy Hargrove.

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