Delta Air Lines: Differences Between Delta Premium Select and Delta One

When traveling overseas or on a long-haul journey, you want a comfortable flight. Regardless of whether you’re in Boeing 757 Delta Premium Select, the airline’s premium economy product, or Delta One, its business class product, you want to know that you’re receiving superior service and amenities.

This article describes the differences between premium economy and business class services and offers advise on which to pick.

Classes of Service at Delta

Delta Air Lines is one of two legacy U.S. long-haul carriers with just a business class and no overseas first class (like American Airlines). Therefore, Delta must deliver a higher degree of comfort on its flights so that consumers may choose the product that best meets their travel requirements.

Prior to going further, visitors should familiarize themselves with the courses Delta offers and a quick summary of what each class entails, since things may get rather complicated at times.

Delta One

Delta’s highest level of service, Delta One, always incorporates flat-bed seats. Delta One is not just used for international flights; it also operates on several domestic routes, including. In addition to a flat-bed seat, Delta One flights often offer lounge access, a restaurant-style dinner, and priority baggage delivery.


On domestic and local international flights, Delta offers a first-class cabin, often configured in a 2-2 or 1-2 configuration. These seats are more comfortable than those in economy class, although they do not transform into beds.

These flights may provide a meal (depending on flight duration) and always include free drinks and small snacks. Typically, lounge access is not included with these tickets. If you want to know all the cool seats on the plane and which are the best to choose, visit

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select is the airline’s premium economy offering, which has seats comparable to those found in domestic first class, but on wide-body aircraft. The premium economy cabin contains modest amenity kits and upgraded meals, as well as a more spacious seat, and is priced between economy class and business class.

Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ is the appropriate category if you want somewhat extra legroom, but are still comfortable sitting in economy class. These seats are positioned in the most desirable sections of the aircraft, often beside exit rows or bulkheads. Depending on their upgrade periods, Medallion elite members may upgrade to these seats at no additional cost.

Main Cabin

Main Cabin is another word for economy class, which refers to the seats located at the planes rear. On Delta, the majority of seats provide in-flight entertainment, so although these seats may not have additional frills, they are nonetheless equipped with contemporary comforts.

Basic Economy

Basic Economy tickets are Main Cabin seats with fewer amenities and additional limitations. You will not be able to upgrade or choose your seats for these tickets. Basic Economy is ideal for budget-conscious tourists, but not for business or family travelers.

Final Reflections

Delta Premium Select and Delta One are two of Delta’s most comfortable products, so if you’re on a long-haul trip, you’ll be more comfortable in Delta Premium Select or Delta One than in economy class.

Delta One’s lie-flat seats are great for relaxing. Delta Premium Select is an upgraded economy with additional amenities and more room, a wonderful middle ground between cramped back seats and pricey front business class seats. Delta will treat you well no matter which premium cabin you choose.


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