Extending The Life Expectancy Of Your Vehicle: Six Top Tips

Remote car starter

It can be frustrating to fall in love with your car only for it to start showing end-of-life signs way before you had anticipated that happening. With the cost-of-living increases all around the world right now, the majority of people are looking at ways to save money. Extending the life expectancy of your vehicle could certainly help many, so check out the following six top tips to help you with your thrifty mission.

Clean your car regularly

You wouldn’t walk around with dirty clothing or a filthy watch, so why would you drive an unclean car? Keeping your car in good condition involves ensuring that the dirt and grime are removed regularly. This can also lead to spotting any rust on paintwork early, allowing you to sort it quickly.

Drive sensibly

Many people believe that driving sensibly is something that is only really applicable when you are taking a test to gain your licence, or you spot a police car in the distance. Wrong. Driving sensibly not only lowers the likelihood of you being involved, and causing, an accident but it also helps to improve the life span of your vehicle. If your car is manual, shifting gears smoothly is vital. Likewise, braking in good time rather than leaving it to the latest possible moment can make a difference to your car’s condition. However, on occasions and in the right circumstances, ensuring the oil is warm and the environment is quiet, it is useful to rev your engine – this could increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

Top ups

Topping up the fluids in your car on a regular basis is essential. Think of them as being like water is to a human – necessary to survive. Check oil levels twice a month along with coolant and windscreen washers. The oil dipstick should come out a yellow-brown colour. Anything darker than that, unless you drive a diesel vehicle, indicates oil replacement is necessary. Additionally, ensure the oil mark is between the minimum and maximum lines.

Remote car start

Investing in a remote car starter for your vehicle can help your car eventually. This device allows the user to start the car from a distance. This is particularly useful when you are in a rush on a blazing hot or freezing cold morning. You could reduce the car temperature to ensure it is drivable or, in winter, increase the temperature and ensure the engine is ready when you set off, rather than driving off when everything is cold.


It is easy to think that skipping a service is not a problem as the vehicle is driving nicely and not causing you any problems. However, there could be underlying problems that, in timely fashion, could be solved easily and reasonably, when it comes to cost. Leaving a service can result in a major issue, possibly even the end of your car altogether. Keep up with your service schedule, either by time or mileage, whichever is first.

Reduce the weight

Car manufacturers are being encouraged to reduce the natural weight of their vehicles to lower emissions that are harmful to the environment. Likewise, it is essential for drivers to consider the number of items, and accumulated weight thereof, that they carry around daily. Excess weight costs more, as your fuel efficiency will be less, and put extra strain on your tyres, brakes, and the car’s suspension.


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