Five Benefits of Renting a Jeep on Vacation

When your vacation takes you to the mountains, you can’t rent just any vehicle and hope to have a good time. You need to rent a four-wheel drive powerhouse that will take you everywhere you want to go. Jeep offers many different models to choose from that are able to take you down mountain trails and through flowing streams like a champ.


Jeeps are some of the most durable vehicles ever made. They were originally designed to be used in battle, so it was essential that they were made to handle all types of rugged terrain and harsh conditions. Jeep parts are meant to last, allowing the vehicle to be used in the most hazardous conditions without fear of a breakdown or malfunction.

Easy to Handle

Jeeps are easy to handle whether they are driving down a city street or along a logging road in the mountains. The steering and suspension work together to make your trip as comfortable and smooth as possible. No matter what type of terrain you’re dealing with, a Jeep will always get you where you are going.

Quick Transition From 2WD to 4WD

When you are on vacation, you want to explore. If you are in the mountains, that could mean taking a trail that requires more than just a little push. Jeeps allow you to transition from 2WD to 4WD quickly and easily. You can switch on the fly, so you don’t lose any time reaching the top of the mountain or the end of the trail.

Can Go Almost Anywhere

Jeeps have flexible suspension and a much higher ground clearance than other vehicles. This allows you to travel through deeper streams and over incredibly rugged terrain without damaging the undercarriage or flipping the vehicle. When you want to go the extra distance, make sure you have a vehicle that can take anything the terrain dishes out.

A Lot of Useful Features

Jeeps have come a long way in the last eighty years. They are built for outdoor adventures. Durable roll bars and brush guards are popular features that make Jeeps some of the most popular rental vehicles available. Many of them also come with tow packages two so you can bring a trailer with your boat, ATVs, or other off-road equipment.

If you’re on vacation and are looking for Jeep rentals in Ouray, you don’t have far to go. Mountain adventures are only a click or a phone call away. When you first start planning your trip, take a few minutes and choose the right vehicle to maximize the fun you expect to have. Renting a Jeep will ensure you get to see as much of the area as possible.

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