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Getting The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

In this article, We discuss Getting the bedroom of your dreams. Today we share with you some tips which help you Getting the bedroom of your dreams.

Small Double Bedrooms

In modern houses, this is usually the usual trend: large rooms and small rooms. As there is little space, the main one is dedicated to the place where, supposedly, the most time is spent. But this does not mean that we should leave aside the decoration of the double bedroom.

On the contrary, it is about finding solutions to make it appear larger and take advantage of all the space possible, without overloading it too much. there exist several options: 

White double bedrooms: It brings more light and gives the feeling that the space is larger. It is more than proven. This does not mean that the double bedroom furniture has to be all white, but the walls and a large part of them do have to be.

The bed, for example, and the bedside tables. Later, you can play to give it the touch of color you want, with the double bed linen, the cushions, or the curtains; among other items.

Just the basics: if you have a small bedroom, the worst thing you can do is overload it with things, so I advise you to have built-in wardrobes, in which you can make the most of it, both in-depth and height;

A bed with a chest of drawers, so that you can store all the bedding from the different seasons and other elements that you need and, finally, take advantage of the heights to place shelves, in case you need more space.

Modern Double Bedrooms

In this case, whether or not there is a lack of space, the premise is as follows: less is more. So these types of bedrooms are usually spacious (or give that feeling) and have the right and necessary furniture; very functional, but design. 

Therefore, the bed is usually the protagonist of these rooms. They are large and very comfortable, with the cushions and bedspreads being the true protagonists of it, at the level of decoration.

Nor are mirrors lacking to give more space and, in general, they are usually standing, so that they can be moved whenever desired. 

Nature is also part of this type of room, either when choosing the material with which modern marriage furniture is made or adding natural plants.

All this, without forgetting some vinyl, as well as modern paintings, usually by illustrators, since they are unique drawings or limited series and, in general, handmade.

Vintage Bedroom Decor

The vintage style is a type of decoration for double bedrooms that is being requested a lot in recent times, as well as for other spaces in the house, mainly kitchens and living rooms.

Why do you like vintage decorations so much? Because it goes beyond all the rules, it allows you to combine different styles and in those cases where you are looking for cheap double bedrooms, this may be the best solution.

Since you can use furniture that you make by hand to give them that vintage touch, reusing old furniture and giving it a more modern air, but without losing that vintage essence and, above all.

Because where there is vintage decoration, there is a feeling of recollection and joy that blends in equal parts. Of those places that you say: I feel at home; is special.

Lighting For Double Bedrooms

Although, in this case, it will depend a lot on the type of decoration that we have chosen, as well as the size of the double room, what is clear is that some lighting basics cannot be missing:

Individual lamps on the bedside tables: so that if you want to read, but your partner wants to sleep or watch television, do not bother him with the big light.

Halogen spotlights for small rooms or rooms with low ceilings: so that they do not take up space from the couple’s bedroom, but fulfill their function of lighting. They marry with all kinds of styles, especially with modern, Nordic, and industrial styles.

Closet lights: so if you get up before your partner, you don’t have to turn on the big light and wake him up. Many of them are very discreet: light bars that you can take with your hand and illuminate at the exact point where you have the clothes you need to take.

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