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Top 10 Ideal Colors For Small Rooms

Rooms do not have to be large to be comfortable and comfortable. On the contrary, with the right decorative style and, above all, the right color, it will become the best space in the house. In this article, we are going to reveal the 10 ideal colors for small rooms.

Navy Blue Combined With Light Furniture

On more than one occasion we have recommended using the color blue for small spaces, as it favors the mood. However, why on this occasion do recommend a shade as dark as navy blue?

Because it has the same effect as light tones and combined with light furniture you get a perfect space in which to relax. No matter how small the room is, it will be perfect covering the walls.

Blue And Turquoise Green For Contrast

The again recommend blue in a dark tone, only combining it with a little green to provide a feeling of freshness and naturalness.

In this case, we are not going to let the furniture carry all the weight, but rather the combination of the different tones; the largest wall in navy blue (or another dark variant) and the rest in a light green color to give the feeling of spaciousness.

Red Brings Energy

The function of the color red will be to activate the rooms, that is, to fill them with energy. In a living room, you have to be very careful when using it, choosing a cherry or burgundy variant. This will limit your energy a bit, especially if combined with furniture in neutral tones such as white or beige.

Use Textures To Give Strength To The Decoration

Instead of using colors, why not use textures? With wallpaper that simulates wood or stone, you will get the same effect as any color.

Another option is to cover only one area with textures, such as the TV cabinet, so that all attention is focused on that point.

White Never Fails

Is there the perfect color for small spaces, and that helps create the feeling that it is bigger? There is the color white. It is the perfect color for this type of room, it also enhances the light that enters through the window.

More has a downside: it is a very boring color. You have to contrast it with pictures, vinyl, or furniture in dark tones to give the room a little life.

Gray With White, The Perfect Combination

We have already talked before about the possibility of combining two colors so that they contrast with each other. We recommend it again with a combination that never fails: a neutral gray with white.

A clean and balanced combination. Of course, it can be very sober, so you have to add furniture and colorful elements with textiles and striking paintings.

Lime Green To Bring Naturalness

Green is a perfect color for a small room, since it gives a feeling of spaciousness, increases light, and brings naturalness. However, it is a color that can end up looking bland. Therefore, we will use a much more striking variant such as lime green.

Since it has yellow in its composition, it brings energy. Of course, you have to be careful. If the room is small but wide, only use it on one of the walls, using a white or a lighter green for contrast.

A Pure Minimalist White

The minimalist style and white go hand in hand. In a small room, it would not only be a good decision to choose it for the walls, but also for the furniture. To give it a touch of color, try introducing black with the legs of the sofas, furniture, or the side table.

Neutral Tones On Walls And Furniture

Instead of focusing on a color for the walls, we will focus on the furniture. We will choose a color to paint the neutral wall, such as wine or pearl gray. The furniture, on the other hand, will be in a beige tone, which will give character to the room.

Pastel Tones Give Charm To The Space

Do not get confused; The fact that pastel tones are usually used in “chic” styles does not mean that they cannot be used in others. What’s more, they are colors that relax, perfect for small rooms and that look great in living rooms. For the furniture, look for shades of wood or gloss white.

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