Hands-Free Solutions: Staying Connected Safely While Driving

Driving is a serious activity that requires everyone’s full attention. Unfortunately, the modern world offers lots of distractions for motorists. From cell phones to infotainment systems, there are many things that can pull a person’s focus away from the road. Even in a new Mercedes-Benz for sale, there are gadgets and buttons that can tempt drivers.

Distracted driving can be deadly, claiming thousands of lives each year. Many states have also made it illegal to use an electronic device while you are behind the wheel. Thankfully, there are plenty of hands-free tools to let you safely interact with some of these items.

Bluetooth Car Kits

A great tool to help drivers stay focused is a Bluetooth car kit. Many new cars offer Bluetooth features that allow your cell phone to connect with the car’s audio system. You can take and make calls using the car’s audio system without picking up the phone so your hands can stay on the wheel. These systems can also handle text messages, reading them to you so you don’t have to check your phone’s messaging app.

Voice-Activated Virtual Assistants

Drivers can also use some of the features on their phones with voice assistants. Some of the most common voice assistants include Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant. With these apps downloaded on your smartphone, you can speak to activate them and have them carry out a task. For instance, you can ask for the address of a certain restaurant while you’re driving without picking up the phone.

Windshield and Dashboard Mounts

Some drivers use their phone screens as maps, so they need to see them while they drive. Holding the phone can be dangerous, so a windshield or dashboard mount can be useful. The phone will stay securely in place, visible to the person navigating while not being a distraction. Proper placement ensures the driver keeps their head up instead of looking down at a phone.

Steering Wheel Controls

If you have the option to get steering wheel controls in your car, they can reduce distracted driving. Many steering wheels have buttons to change the volume of the audio system, change songs and to answer phone calls. Drivers don’t have to reach over to the center dashboard or pick up their phones to accomplish these things.

Smart Driving Apps

Apps are another way to reduce distractions while driving. You can download programs that auto-reply to messages, silence notifications or even send your location to contacts without extra interaction. When you’ve stopped driving, you can safely check what you’ve missed. Some phones have a built-in “drive mode”, so put it to use.

Stay Safe and Focused on the Road

Safety should always be a driver’s top priority, which means preventing dangerous distracted driving. While phones can be tempting, it’s best to wait to use them when you’ve pulled over. By using different tools to reduce the urge to pick up or use your phone while driving, you can make the road a safer place and protect your family and others.

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