How to Choose a Professional Tax Preparer?

The first step to finding a good tax service is tapping into your network. Ask friends and family, and consult your trusted insurance agent or attorney. Talk to business owners in your industry and other people in similar fields. You might connect to someone who is an expert in tax preparation or a government agency.

Checking With The Better Business Bureau

The BBB is an excellent place to start looking for a trustworthy tax preparer. It grades thousands of preparers and reports disciplinary actions. To ensure that your tax preparation services provider has no complaints against them, you should look for their license and id number. Also, ask for references. A tax preparer with experience in tax preparation services Denver, Colorado has a good reputation and who has been in business for many years is likely to be a good choice.

When choosing a tax preparer, it is crucial to look for a member who has a high rating with the organization.

Checking with the BBB is also a good idea to ensure that the tax preparer you choose has an A+ rating. The Better Business Bureau also has a database that lists taxpayer complaints, making it easier for you to compare different tax service providers side by side.

Asking For Referrals

A recent survey revealed that 83 percent of consumers rely on recommendations from friends and family when choosing a tax preparation services provider. Among all forms of marketing, customer referrals are the most effective and least expensive. As a tax preparer, you should ask current clients to recommend your services to friends and family. This strategy generates new leads and keeps you from being pushy or alienating your existing clients.

To get the most referrals possible:

  1. Offer discounts.
  2. Create a small coupon that lists the services or products your referrals will receive, including discounted dollar amounts.
  3. Include terms and conditions and a blank space for the name of the person who referred you to a new client.

Checking With The IRS

Whether hiring a full-service tax preparation firm or a sole practitioner, checking with the IRS is a great idea. The IRS keeps track of the latest changes and offers many valuable resources and tips to help you prepare your taxes. In addition, you can use the IRS website to get a list of qualified tax preparers and compare their credentials. The IRS website also has links to national nonprofit tax professional organizations.

IRS-approved tax preparers have undergone a suitability check. This may include criminal background checks and credit and tax compliance checks. Thus, checking with the IRS is always a good idea because you can rest assured that you won’t be audited or have your refund remitted to the wrong person.


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