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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

Paint is a conserving elegance for those of us dealing with home renos on little budget plans or temporarily switching up room before a huge home rehaul. As a result, the majority of us are more than aware of the laborious job of sanding, specifically when it pertains to cabinets– but it ends up we might skip this step completely.

Whether painting kitchen cabinets or freshening up your washroom, painting allows any home DIYer to considerably enhance the appearance of every area. But fining sand all those cabinet fronts is laborious, messy, and also leaving it out might conserve you both time and energy without jeopardizing the paint task.

Below, expert painters as well as professionals share their top ideas for paint cabinets without sanding so you can solve to the large disclose– without the hurting arms.

How To Paint Cabinets Without Sanding

While sanding is just one of one of the most typical tips for paint kitchen cabinets, there are some means around it. Whether you go with utilizing fluid sandpaper to conserve time on scrubbing up and also limit mess or drop the hard cleaning-and-priming course.

Here is what the specialists recommend.


Prior to starting any type of cabinet task, it is best to get rid of the fronts from the units as well as take off any type of hardware, reminds Tony Adams, home improvement professional at DIYGeeks. This enables you to lay the cupboard door flat on the ground or a workbench for paint to stop drips as well as unneeded mess.

Manages as well as pivots ought to be stored in a bag inside the closet unit itself to keep every little thing separate but organized, making it much easier to change the front when you’re done.


Cabinets will certainly require a good scrub to release them from dust, watermarks (if they have actually been near a sink or shower), and grease. 

When cleaning, make certain to wear safety gloves to prevent the cleaner from drying your skin, especially when utilizing sugar soap. After washing, make use of a tidy, completely dry, lint-free fabric or towel to dry off the cupboard totally, ensuring no service lingers in any kind of ornamental carvings or trims.


If you are not planning on utilizing the existing pierced openings to reattach your old cupboard manages, after that this is a great time to load them in before you start prepping as well as paint, states residence enhancement specialist, Tony Adams.

‘ A spackle or timber filler is perfect to spot the holes. Just buff it over with a spatula, sanding as soon as dried out, and clean away any kind of dust with a tack cloth,’ he says.


When attempting to stay clear of physically sanding with sandpaper, creating use of liquid sandpaper or a deglosser is pointed to create a excellent surface for primer as well as paint to follow. Like paint laminate furniture without sanding, the liquid sandpaper will remove the glossy finish off of the cabinet and also develop a harsh layer for the guide to stick, says Daniel Rahm, remodeler and also proprietor of ATX Kitchen Remodeling.Just smooth it over with a spatula, sanding as soon as dried out, and tidy away any kind of dust with a tack cloth,’ he states.

‘ This stuff is wonderful because you just need to use it to your cabinets as per the maker’s guidelines and it removes the glossy surface without scrubbing, making it less complicated for the paint to stick. It’s a great deal much less work than utilizing normal sandpaper as well as it doesn’t mistake with dirt,’ he describes.


As soon as the deglosser or fluid sandpaper has done its job, it is ultimately time to prime as well as paint.

‘ A bonding primer ought to be utilized for ideal paint adherence on a wide variety of surfaces, consisting of wood, laminate, and melamine,’ recommends Joshua Bartlett, home improvement expert and creator of I’ll Just Fix It Myself. ‘Prime the cabinet fronts with a light, also coat, adding a double coat if you expect to be secure, as well as let it completely dry completely prior to continuing.

When it involves painting, Josh advises picking an enamel or acrylic latex paint of high quality. ‘These paints last long, are straightforward to clean, and also have a sleek look,’ he discusses. ‘Use a brush or a foam roller produced flat surface areas to apply numerous slim coats (permitting them to completely dry between applications) to get a cool, also layer. You can likewise select a paint sprayer if you have the room.


Kitchen cabinetry is generally placed in high-traffic locations, so using a leading coat is suggested to stop the paint from fading or damaging with daily usage.

‘ A water-based polyurethane is suggested, but you can additionally utilize different sealants, such as varnish,’ claims Tony Adams, house renovation specialist. ‘Apply three thin as well as even coats of the top layer using a brush. It’s essential to avoid applying thick sealant layers as it can lead to a.

yellow shade,’ he cautions.


Can you paint over cabinets without sanding?

As long as the surface area is steady and also in good condition, the cabinets do not require to be sanded. Proper cleansing, deglossing, as well as utilizing good-quality closet paint are crucial to paint cabinets without sanding.

What happens if I don’t sand cabinets before painting?

Missing this lengthy action is a proven method to result in an unpleasant finished product. Fining sand aids fresh paint adhere to surfaces and will help protect against damaging down the line. It’s additionally much better to sand two times (initially to eliminate old paint, after that to ravel the wood).

Can you just paint over cabinets?

Wood, timber laminate, veneer, fiber board, and also even metal cabinets can be repainted effortlessly. Nonetheless, plastic laminate and also thermofoil cabinets could require unique paints as well as techniques that will certainly be more conducive to paint attachment.

Is it better to paint cabinets with a roller or brush?

Closet Painting with a Roller & a Brush.

On the fronts and also rear of cabinets and doors, you can utilize a roller. This will use the paint in a much more smooth and also way and also is much faster than just using a paint brush. Then, utilize a brush for touching up little locations or for hard-to-reach places.

Do I need to prime cabinets before painting?

That might get you questioning if you need a guide for cabinets. The reality is, applying primer is an important action in the paint process. Primer offers a suitable surface area for the paint to adhere to, aiding it to last longer as well as look much better.

What paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

Latex paints are commonly the very best choice for kitchen cabinets, particularly acrylic paints. Water-based acrylic paint will certainly have no chemical odor, unlike oil-based paint, as well as is water-resistant and also simple to tidy– all-important distinctions for working in a cooking area space.

What is an alternative to sanding cabinets?

If you don’t wish to sand before you prime, use some mineral spirits as well as a rough sponge to tidy and gently rough up the closet location you’re painting. This does not open the wood closet product as long as sanding however does obtain you some additional grippy location for the primer to follow.

How do you sand cabinets quickly?

Your best bet is possibly an orbital sander. You could hand sand your cabinet, but it will certainly take a great deal of effort. You might even wish to make use of both. An orbital sander can make quick job of the bulk of the cupboard door, however a fining sand block or fining sand sponge can help you cover any type of grooves or difficult situations by hand.

Do you paint the inside of kitchen cabinets?

A. Painting inside cabinets depends on you. House owners generally opt to paint inside cabinets if they are open or have glass home windows, while others do it to include an additional pop of shade into their kitchen.

How many coats of paint on cabinets?

Two layers of paint are necessary for cabinets– you’re constructing a surface area. Incidentally, to obtain the nicest finish, use a brush, a 2- to 2 1/2- inch fine bristle brush. Whatever repaint you use, ventilate the area– route a fan out the window– as well as put on the masks they sell in paint shops.

Is there a special primer for kitchen cabinets?

Oil-based primers are the most effective primers for kitchen cabinets. Existing cabinets often have actually a smooth painted finish or lacquered surface that is difficult for paint to follow. Oil-based Primer is the adhesive that provides a good base for the first coat of paint.

Should I paint both sides of cabinet doors?

Action 6: Apply the paint.

After that, hang it next to your backsplash and also appliances to make certain it actually functions. Whether you’re using a paint sprayer or brush, start with the doors and drawers; they take the lengthiest, because you need to paint both sides as well as let them fully completely dry in between both top coats.

Can you paint straight over kitchen cabinets?

Any type of eggshell or interior timber paint will work on wooden and also currently painted cooking area doors. Chalk paints appropriate for cooking area cupboards however you’ll normally need to seal the top-coat with wax or varnish to accomplish a wipeable surface. ‘New colours will certainly take a few layers.



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