How To Recycle Old Devices and Electronics

Most of society today has become concerned about the environment and how waste has contributed to the problem. You may have seen tons of waste floating in the oceans and the poison seeping into the ground from landfills. You may even do your part by recycling everything you can. However, this is how you can recycle them.

Learn About E-Waste

E-waste includes anything electronic that either does not work any longer or is not wanted. This includes your TVs, DVD players, tablets, cell phones, computers, laptops, stereos, fax machines, electronic furniture and appliances. It becomes waste when you donate or throw it in the garbage. When these items get put into landfills, they can leach toxic chemicals into the land and groundwater.

Search for Recycling Companies

Your community or one near you should have companies that collect e-waste. In fact, you may have heard about and asked “What is ecoATM?” You can search for nonprofits that donate or resell your old devices. Speak with your local transfer center and chamber of commerce for options. You can also search online for local opportunities.

Gather and Wipe Data From Your E-Waste

Gather any electronic items that you no longer want. If the device has a computer in it, you need to remove your data. You can conduct a factory reset on most of today’s devices and computers. However, back up your data before you reset your device. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wipe your computer clean.

If you think someone could hack your items later, you need to destroy the hard drives.

Drop Off Your Items

Determine whether you want to receive payment for your devices or donate them. Some companies, such as tech firms, offer vouchers for new products or discounts, but some companies, such as ecoATMs near me, may give you cash. You can also donate your items to nonprofits, which will give them to others or sell them on the secondhand market.

Save space and keep poisons from leaching from landfills by recycling your e-waste.


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