Benefits of Dermaplaning for Your Skin in Virginia Beach

Dermaplaning is a safe, quick, and effective way to exfoliate the skin. It can be used on any body area, including the face, neck, and shoulders.

It removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) for a smooth, healthy complexion. It also helps your makeup to apply better.

It Removes Dead Skin Cells

The dead skin cells on your face that contribute to fine wrinkles, dullness, and acne outbreaks can be removed safely and effectively by dermaplaning. It also helps to remove vellus hairs, or peach fuzz, that can catch and trap makeup on the face.

This exfoliating process can make your skin feel smoother, improve its tone and texture and increase the penetration of your skincare products. It also promotes collagen production and prevents breakouts.

To fully enjoy the advantages of dermaplaning Virginia Beach, limiting sun exposure for 24 to 72 hours after the process is essential. Being in the sun can make your treatment ineffective and leave you with pigment blotches.

Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for anyone who wants to look and feel younger and brighter. It is a painless, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that leaves your skin smooth and clear for flawless makeup application.


Exfoliation is an essential part of a great skincare routine, and it can help your skin look vibrant. It helps to promote the creation of new, healthy skin by removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

There are many different methods for exfoliation, including chemical peels and other abrasive treatments. These techniques can be successful but also trigger problems in those with chemical sensitivity or dry skin.

Exfoliation using dermaplaning is a safe and efficient procedure that can be applied to any skin type. It is a popular choice for people who want to avoid the pain of shaving their face or those who prefer to use a gentler method of exfoliation that does not include harsh chemicals.

During the operation, our aesthetician pulls a section of skin taut before removing the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz hair with a blade roughly the size of a razor. Your skin will look better and will be the ideal canvas for applying cosmetics as a result.

 Removing Acne Scars

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliation treatment that resurfaces sun-damaged, dull skin. Using a specialized blade, our board-certified medical aesthetician removes dead skin cells and facial hair for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Scars and blemishes can be reduced using this therapy alone or in combination with other facial procedures like chemical peels. It can also help remove fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of your skin by promoting collagen production.

During the dermaplaning process, our esthetician scrapes the skin with a sterile scalpel-like blade at a 45-degree angle. The blade shaves away dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving your skin fresh and radiant.

You can expect slight skin redness after dermaplaning, which usually fades within a few hours. After the operation, you can also be more sensitive to sunlight, so wear sunscreen outside.

It Removes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliation treatment that removes fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. It eliminates peach fuzz, often called vellus hair, off the face to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.

It also helps the skin absorb makeup better, which makes it easier to apply without looking streaky. Additionally, it lessens the visibility of acne scars.

The treatment also promotes collagen production. It is essential because it provides elasticity and shape to the skin.

A sterile medical scalpel is used throughout the procedure to remove facial hair and dead skin cells delicately.

This process is safe for almost any skin type and can be repeated to achieve the best results. However, if you have sensitive or active acne breakouts, dermaplaning may irritate the skin.


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