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How To Sell A House?

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best tips How to sell a house? Being able to sell a house is not something as simple as many may believe it is an art. When selling a house we must take into chronology certain important factors to achieve the sale successfully.

7 Best Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly

Sell your property

Carry out the appraisal of the property

The first thing to do is correct the value of the property seeking professional guidance in the area, so we will determine its real value according to the footage, area, and general requirements of the house, so we can set a sale price.

To advise us on the current situation of the real estate market, information should be sought regarding the importance of similar properties in the same area, to have them as a reference before setting the sale price.

Documentation up to date

It is important to have all the property documents up to date to channel the sale since if we find a buyer and do not have the necessary documents for the muted, the process will be delayed or the sale may even be lost.

In addition, potential customers may also request this documentation to obtain information on the quality of the property. The deeds, the right document or deed registered in the public registry, community certificates, energy certificates, among others, must be available. 

Once you have all the documentation available, the sale process will be taken out before a Notary Public and will be presented at the Property Registry.


Depending on the requirements of your flat, you can view the remodeling option to reform its appearance, make it more attractive and revalue its price.

Priority should be given to repairing aspects of the house that are in poor condition, for example, doors, windows, sockets, or floor and if you have an available budget, you should consider remodeling bathrooms and kitchen, since they tend to be attractive spaces for potential buyers.


It is very important to carry out deep cleaning to prepare the home before being exhibited to potential buyers, particularly in bathrooms and the kitchen. As well as that the spaces must be ventilated and help such as air fresheners or buds used so that the house has a pleasant smell.

Order and community cannot be lacking, drawing useless items that will help to give a positive, level, and more spacious image. To help with this task you can resort to hiring a specialized professional service.


Work should be done on a decoration that conveys peace and a comfortable atmosphere that is attractive to potential buyers. Everything will turn on whether the house is for sale in our current apartment or if it is an empty house, which we must try to resort to real estate market practices such as “home staging” which consists of staging a house for sale, the environment is prepared for its demonstration.

The space must be depersonalized, drawing very personal items before the show, such as photos and paintings, to give a neutral sample that highlights the spaces that the property has and its general features, since which in the end is what the possible buyer may be interested in.

Preferably you should resort to a minimalist decoration attended by good lighting, which is a very important factor in a home since its formation can improve considerably with small changes that are made in the lighting, adjusting a lamp, the types of bulbs, or changing colors in the spaces.

Publication in portals

On the internet, we have various portals where you can publish for free with all the filters to position your home, prepare an attractive promotion, with the best photos of your property that highlight the spaces, the features, all supported by good illumination.

The quality of the photo is very important and that you expose the definition of the details of the property, such as size, spaces, location, services, nearby points, certificates, house plans, among others. 

You should update the publications, monitor the ads of homes for sale, provide more photographs to restore the ad, and keep it among the first on the portals can be a good plan.

You must also be alert and willing to respond to all calls as well as answer all questions and concerns that may be made through the portals.

To set the time of the visit to the property for its demonstration, it is advisable to set a time in which you can create the most of the sunlight that benefits realistic lighting and makes the image of the property stand out.

For the management of the visit, all the documentation of the property must be available to provide to the customer if requested, as well as all the information that may be required. 

It must be organized to present the spaces and as a preamble, favorable aspects of the location and the area where it is located should be highlighted you can take a tour of the area, now if you consider that the area where it is located It does not represent a major contribution to the exhibition, it begins directly with the conditions of the house.

Management of purchase offers

You must be a bit flexible and can negotiate if necessary, since the price can go up or down relying on the demand or interest shown towards your property, in extra to this it is due to knowing what type of procedures will be necessary after the climax of the sale, what documents to request from our buyer.

It will always be useful to seek skilled support and advice from experts in the area. There are also other options, for the most urgent in the sale in which technological companies buy your home in form time, however, everything will depend on your needs and time available for it.

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