How to start an Instagram business account from scratch and get a good result?

Not so long ago, the head of Instagram said that their platform is no longer just an application for sharing photos with friends. The website has become a real marketing tool with which entrepreneurs, fashion houses, celebrities and bloggers gain fame and earn money.

7-10 years ago, we could not imagine that IG would become a platform for making money. At the time when the platform first appeared on the global Internet, users registered in order to follow the lives of acquaintances. And now every second person is thinking about how to become popular and earn money from it.

If you are a business owner, but still do not promote your business profile in insta, you lose a lot. Thanks to the network, many entrepreneurs significantly increase the number of sales and get more customers.

In the article, we will tell you where to start and what methods of promotion to use to effectively develop a business on Instagram.


Before developing a plan, you must have a clear understanding of the audience and the goal of promotion is defined. In order to determine who your potential client is, you need to answer the following questions : “Who pays for the product or service?”, “Who makes the purchase decision?”, “Who influences the choice?”. You need to find people who will willingly pay you for products, and this is possible only if you know exactly the answers to the questions.

In Insta, you can advance according to three basic scenarios: the development of a full-fledged blog, the creation of a showcase, a combined option. The first option is suitable for those who focus not on direct sales, but on increasing customer loyalty and trust. These accounts are useful, new content appears regularly and is of high quality. This strategy is not easy to implement, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to implement it, but the result will definitely please you.

Creating a showcase is a good option for a business whose product looks attractive and stylish. In this case, the goal is not on society, but on fast results and sales. For this strategy, the platform developers suggest using Instagram Shopping. This is a separate tab in your account where you can upload lookbooks and collections of products by category. You can immediately transfer the audience to the product purchase page.

The combined variant is a universal strategy. You run a blog of a company or a personal brand, publish posts and some and set up targeted advertising on some of them to increase reach. You will be able to increase loyalty, but at the same time sell products directly.

Have you chosen a suitable strategy? Then it’s time to move on to creating an account and publish content.

Competent profile filling and good design are important  in creating a business profile. A recognizable nickname, an interesting logo and a clear description are the key to success. All elements should be combined in style to create a pleasant visual effect.

Conciseness, naturalness and a friendly atmosphere are the trends of 2022. Users are tired of artificial filters and many masks that change the appearance of a person and objects. Now it is rare to find accounts that are filled with unnatural photos or videos and heavily processed Reels. It is better to choose an interesting author’s treatment, rather than banal beige and pink shades for the color palette of the profile.

Unique posts are an important point in the promotion of the page. Users are especially loyal and trusting of real photos of products, unlike pictures from stock photos. Or better yet, shoot videos, they get a lot more coverage, especially subscribers like to watch Reels with unpacking things from real people. But the main thing is uniqueness, do not chase to be like other successful accounts, develop a content plan and your own style, then the result will not keep you waiting.

There are plenty of ways to promote on Instagram, you can choose the one that suits your budget. Basically, medium and small businesses prefer to buy advertising from bloggers or cooperate on a barter basis. This is due to the fact that users trust real people more than ads on the network. Of course, you can set up targeted advertising, but be prepared for the fact that it will not be as effective. If you have a new account with a small number of readers, we recommend using traffic from other platforms or experiencing a chance to buy Instagram followers cheap.  A significant number of viewers will help create a solid profile view and people will be more willing to subscribe to you.

Treat account management as one of the serious projects. Competent promotion will require effort, time and sometimes even money. But it will bring you a good result and you will be able to take your business to a new level. Good luck!

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