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Jeffrey Hunter Net Worth-How Much Jeffrey Hunter Is Worth?

Jeffrey Hunter Net Worth-How Much Jeffrey Hunter Is Worth?

Jeffrey Hunter is a renowned actor and producer. He is an American movie and television star who was born on November 25, 1926. His birthplace was New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States.

He is also known for playing the captain in the Star Trek pilot episode. Jeff Hunter’s net worth is estimated to be $76 million. This is mainly because of his career as an actor. He is considered a multi-hyphenate, having played both a football player and a movie star.

Jeffrey Hunter was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. He was the son of Edith Lois Burgess and Henry Herman McKinnies Jr. His mother’s family were of Scottish ancestry. He spent his childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from Whitefish Bay High School. In 1945 he enlisted in the United States Navy and completed a naval radar course at Radio Technical School.

He got his start in the theatre, and made his professional radio debut in high school on a program called Those Who Serve. His first film role came in 1949. A conventional male juvenile lead in Belles on Their Toes (1953).

Although his most famous film role was in The Searchers (1956), his real movie breakthrough came in the form of a small role in the “Dark Horse” movie in 1968. This was one of three movies that Hunter starred in with John Ford.

A scout from 20th Century Fox saw a college play he was involved in and offered him a contract. He subsequently acted in a few other films, including the eponymous “Kiss Before Dying”.

Considering Jeffrey Hunter was 43 years old when he died, the star-shaped abacus is no longer the sexiest object in his bedroom. However, he was a very devoted husband to his wife, Emily, who claimed that the actor was in shock on his plane ride back to the states.

Besides his acting achievements, Jeffrey Hunter was an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. Among other things, he was a Chief Financial Officer for U.S. Power Generating Company and a Consultant for MRP Generating Company, LLC. Additionally, he served as an Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors for Texas Transmission Holdings.

Other important career milestones include being a co-producer of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He also guest-starred in Daniel Boone and a television series starring Richard Widmark, titled Insight. Also, he was married to actress Barbara Rush from 1950 to 1955. One of his better roles was as Temple Lea Houston in the 1963-1964 NBC series Temple Houston.

In addition to acting and producing, Jeffrey Hunter was also a famous explorer, having climbed Mount Everest. But if you were to ask him, he would probably answer that his most notable feat was the ability to adopt and train Scott Bartlett, a son of Dusty Bartlett, and Steele, the adopted son of Dusty and Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Hunter was also a notable sportsman, playing five seasons in the National Football League, and a World League of American Football.

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