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If you are a fan of music then you will be interested to know the bio, lifestyle, and net worth of Keith Martin. In this article, you will know about the career and music of Keith Martin. Among the R&B singers, Keith Martin is a name to look out for. Known for his romantic love songs, Keith Martin was an American R&B singer-songwriter and producer. 

Early Life of Keith Martin

Keith Martin was born on 22 September 1966 in Washington, DC. He was one of three siblings. He was raised in a musical family. He grew up listening to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. He subsequently adopted the last name, Martin.

In 2004, Keith Martin relocated to the Philippines. While living there, he was a prominent figure in the Filipino music industry. He is the first musician to ever win a Grammy. 

Career of Keith Martin

Keith Martin started his career as a musician when he was nineteen. During the 1990s, Keith Martin rose to worldwide fame, especially with his hit song “Why Can’t It Be” and “Never Find Someone Like You.” Martin also collaborated with artists in the Philippines, such as Kyla. His first album was released in 1995. He also released his projects in the country. He is best known for his song “Because Of You”, which became a hit in the Philippines. It was also a popular wedding theme.

In addition to his singing, Keith Martin is also a songwriter. He co-founded New Direction Music, a recording company. He also writes music for artists in the Philippines. However, his career was not without its hardships. He was robbed at gunpoint, his wife died at the age of 55.

During his career, Keith Martin has worked with various record labels. He played the drums, keyboards, and bass. He also sang for a variety of Asian artists.

Martin was a fan of Stevie Wonder and Prince. He also listened to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. He was also a fan of The Jackson Five. He was influenced by gospel music. He produced music for OPM hitmakers. He was an in-house producer for EMI Philippines.

Besides the usual suspects, Keith Martin was among the more notable local artists of the late ’80s and ’90s. He was also a member of the band Masquerade, which included Sharif Walters, Scott Powell, and D’Extra Wiley.

Net Worth of Keith Martin

Keith Martin had a net worth of over $1.2 million. His most of income came from his songwriting. He earned money with his hit songs. 

Success of Keith Martin

In the early ’90s, he started writing music. His debut album It’s Long Overdue was a hit, racking up 82 spots on the US Billboard R&B Albums chart. It also contained the song “Moment in Time” which reached number 103 on the R&B Singles chart.

During this time, he also released a song with Indonesian singer Mia. The song also landed on the soundtrack to the Bad Boys movie. He also recorded several different solo albums. 

“Never Find Someone Like You” is one of his best-known songs. It was also included in the soundtrack for the movie Bad Boys.

Death of Keith Martin

Sadly, Keith Martin, the R&B singer, has passed away. The singer was found dead in his condo unit in Quezon City, Philippines. It was not immediately known what forced his death. Speculations were that he had died in his sleep.


Keith Martin was a very successful musician. He worked with various artists in the country, including Kyla. He also wrote hit songs for Filipino artists. His songs are also featured in the soundtrack of the Bad Boys movie. Throughout his long and storied career, Keith Martin has been a hugely successful musician.

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