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Marc Rebillet Net Worth


Marc Rebillet is a comedian, musician, and producer. He is best known for his live looping shows in which he creates complex songs and beats using only his voice and a keyboard. He is known as Loop Daddy, His music combines hip-hop, soul, funk, and house music elements to create songs that are both funky and heartfelt.

Early Life

Marc Rebillet was born on December 15, 1988, in Dallas, Texas. His parents are Gilbert and Susan Rebillet. He began playing piano at age four. He studied classical music until the age of fifteen. He attended the Booker T. Washington High School for Performing Visual Arts and Southern Methodist University, where he studied acting. 


Rebillet began posting his music videos on YouTube in 2016. He then took the tapes to Reddit and Facebook, where they quickly gained recognition. He then started to Livestream his performances on Twitch.

Whether it is an improvisational electronic song with comical lyrics or a sensual R&B burner, Marc Rebillet’s music combines elements of soul, funk, house music, and hip-hop. He has released two EPs and one studio album. Rebillet’s musical style is defined by a Boss RC-505 loop station. He also uses hand percussion instruments to produce his music.

Rebillet has released two comedy albums, Infinite Lives (2017) and Repeater (2019). He has also produced several comedy specials, including Marc Rebillet: Live in Brooklyn (2018) and Marc Rebillet: Live at the Comedy Store (2019).

Net Worth

He is currently living in Manhattan, New York. He has a net worth of $2 million. Also, he earns most of his money through merchandise sales, ticket sales, social media, and a monetized YouTube channel. He earns through YouTube advertising revenue. He earns additional money from sponsored posts, affiliate commissions, and other sources of income. 

Social Media

Rebillet has gained a massive following on social media and his videos have been viewed over 118 million times on YouTube. His videos are often marked with comical elements and are known for a very distinctive style. He has a YouTube channel with a subscriber count of around two million.


Rebillet has collaborated with artists such as Eryka Badu, T-Pain, Flying Lotus, and John Mayer. He has also released two EPs and a self-titled album. He has recorded with Snoop Dogg and has performed live with Erykah Badu and John Mayer. He has also performed live in bars in Dallas, Texas.


Marc Rebillet has made a name for himself by live-streaming improvised musical performances on social media. His music is characterized by a loop station, keyboard, percussion instruments, and vocals. Often displaying musical talent, his songs have profound sentiments as well as comical elements.

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