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Marcelito Pomoy Net Worth

Marcelito Pomoy Net Worth

Marcelito Pomoy is an acclaimed Filipino singer. He has been singing for more than a decade and is a very successful performer. He gained fame after he won the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent. During his career, he has been involved in some musical concerts all over the world. He has appeared on various television shows, including America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where he finished fourth in the competition. His net worth is $1.4 million.

The talented singer has been known for his unique ability to sing in both the tenor and soprano ranges. He was born on Sep 22, 1984, in the town of Imus, Cavite, Philippines. His mother abandoned him with a younger sibling when he was a youngster. Later, he was adopted by a police officer. After a few years, he was able to meet his biological parents.

Marcelito Pomoy has been working as a singer since he was a child. He has been in different musical groups. He has also performed on TV shows and radio stations. He is very active on social networking sites. He has an Instagram account and a verified Facebook page. He is married to Joan Paraiso. He is the father of one child, a daughter named Marcella Janiah. He and his wife live in Calauag, Philippines.

When he was a youngster, Pomoy went through some difficult times. His mother left him and his siblings and moved to Manila. During this time, he did odd jobs to help support himself. He also tried to join a talent show. But, he was turned down. He was only a teenager when he decided to pursue his passion for music. He began to sing while doing poultry work.

When he was 25, he joined the Philippine version of the TV series Pilipinas Got Talent. The show featured numerous talents and was broadcast on ABS-CBN. He is now known to the audience for his impressive singing abilities.

Besides his singing skills, Pomoy has also been a successful businessman. He owns some hardware shops in his hometown of Calauag, Philippines. He has also given back to the community by building homes for the needy. In addition to this, he has donated to educational projects.

He has also appeared on the American talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In the past, he has performed two songs on the show. He has also participated in the ASOP (A Song of Praise) music festival. He also appeared in the 7th edition of the festival in 2019.

After winning the Pilipinas Got Talent season, Pomoy became a very popular figure in the country. He also received invitations to perform in Manila. In September 2018, he was invited to perform on a radio station in the city. He sang many songs, including Joel Jabelosa’s “Pagbabalik” and Jennifer Rush’s “The Power of Love”. During the performance, he received lots of praise from the audience.

He has also become very famous on social media. He has an Instagram account and many followers.

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