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Marilyn Jean Hooper

Marilyn Jean Hooper is the mother of Welsh actor Tom Ellis. Tom is best known for his roles as Hollywood doctor William P. Rush in the USA Network series Rush, Lucifer’s Mark Etches in the supernatural drama series The Fades, and Lucifer’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover appearance in the Arrowverse franchise. He also played Gary Preston in the BBC One sitcom Miranda and Mark Etches in the supernatural drama series The Fades.

Marilyn Jean Hooper husband name Christopher John Ellis. Marilyn Jean Hooper and Christopher John Ellis tied the knot on 30 December 1972 at Clarence Park Baptist Church, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. When Marilyn and her husband got married, he was a 23-year-old Baptist minister, and she was a 19-year-old student. Marilyn Jean Hooper son Tom Ellis is a person that a lot of people are interested in reading about.

Marilyn Jean Hooper son Tom Ellis was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio on November 17, 1978, in Wales. His mother Marilyn Jane Hooper taught him music., his father, Welsh by nationality, is a pastor in a Baptist church. Tom spent his childhood in the Bangor Temple, where his father served. From an early age, the future actor and his 3 sisters played musical instruments. Tom went to school in Sheffield. In parallel with his studies, he played the trumpet, and then the French horn in a local youth orchestra.

For the first time, Ellis thought about the acting profession at the age of 12. On a school evening, his parents were met by a drama teacher who said that their boy needed to go to drama school. Tom Ellis’s father and mother Marilyn Jean Hooper were not “star parents” and never said that the son would be so-and-so, they just silently supported their son.

After school, Tom had a limited choice of options. Financially, the guy could not afford to study in London. His friend studied at the University of Glasgow, and Ellis came to him and fell in love with the city. There he entered the theater school at the Royal Scottish Academy. His first professional work was pantomime as part of a curriculum. The students themselves created the story. Tom Ellis chose “Beauty and the Beast”, where he had two roles at once – the prince and the beast.

Tom Ellis married actress Tamzin Outhwaite in 2006. In this marriage, two daughters were born – Florence Elsie and Marnie May. In total, the artist has three children. The eldest daughter Nora was born in a previous relationship. The couple lived together for 7 years. In August 2013, they announced that they were divorcing. The actor’s wife called his infidelity the reason for the breakup. In 2014, Ellis officially broke up with Tamsin.

A year later, it became known that the personal life of the favorite of the public improved again. His chosen one was the actress and screenwriter Megan Oppenheimer. The couple does not advertise their relationship, but they do not hide from the paparazzi either. In addition, joint pictures with her lover periodically end up on the man’s page on the social network.

In his youth, Marilyn Jean Hooper son Tom sought to gain acting experience, so he did not refuse any opportunity to appear on the screen. Among the works of the initial period of Ellis’s work are roles in the television films “Catastrophe”, ” Poirot “, and “Silent Witness”. In 1985, he appeared in an episode of EastEnders. After 20 years, in 2006, the actor appeared in the same project in the form of Dr. Oliver. The role became fateful – offers from directors rained down on Tom Ellis.

In 2007, Ellis even appeared in the cult British fantasy series Doctor Who. The actor played the role of Tom Milligan in the episode “The Last Lord of Time”. In 2010, the artist starred in another popular British series – the fantasy film Merlin. The plot of the television series differs from the classic legend of King Arthur and the legendary court wizard in the assumption that Merlin at the time of his acquaintance with Prince Arthur was not a deep old man, but a young man – the same age as the prince, becoming his servant and friend.

At the same time, the plot unfolds in conditions of persecution of sorcerers, which makes the wizard hide his magical gift even from Arthur. In this series, Tom Ellis played the minor role of King Cenred. In 2011, Ellis starred in another fantasy series, this time in an American-made film, Once Upon a Time. The actor got the role of Robin Hood. Such a hero is not an oddity for the series, since the scene of the picture is declared to be a fairyland, where the life of the famous characters of legends, fairy tales, and tales passes, regardless of whether the characters were invented by the people or by a specific author.

Along with Robin Hood, Snow White, Prince Charming, Captain Hook, Talking Cricket, Wicked Witch of the West, White King and Jack of Hearts appear in the television series. The plot begins with the Evil Queen cursing the magical land so that the good ending of fairy tales goes to the villains. The fairyland must be saved by the daughter of Snow White, who was not affected by the curse because she found herself in the real world.

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