Must-Have Polaris Parts To Power Up Your Ranger

With power, comfort, ease of use, and brute strength that can’t be beaten, the RANGER XP 1000 can finish the most critical jobs, ride the most challenging trails, and last through the longest days. The vehicle is strong enough to handle the most challenging jobs, like hauling gear, pulling a trailer, or taking friends and family places. The 999cc ProStar engine puts out 82 HP, the best in its class for towing, payload, and box size.

With a full-body skid plate, robust one-piece chassis, and a big front bumper, you’re protected against rough terrains, stumps, and rocks. You will feel more confident riding on rough terrain with the new 27″ 8-ply tires.

However, there is no harm in adding extras to Ranger XP 1000. Here are the best aftermarket Polaris parts that people add to this vehicle to make it more efficient and robust.

Turbo Kit

To increase horsepower, a turbo kit system is made specifically for all Polaris ranger and ranger crew units. With a 5 psi boost level and a high-volume design, you can get the extra horsepower you want while putting as little stress as possible on the engine.

You will add up to 94% more horsepower to your Polaris Ranger. This system will fit two-door and four-door Polaris Ranger XP 1000 models and any 1000 CC Ranger with a factory exhaust mounted in the back. This system has a fuel controller with a base map, a wideband, coolant lines, and fittings for oil supply.

Roof Stereo

This hard top for the Ranger is full of media options and features that will make your UTV more valuable than you ever thought possible. The Audio Shade has a KickerĀ® KMC2 Media Center, amplifiers, and a variety of speaker configurations. It is one of the most sought aftermarket Polaris parts and has built-in LED light bars, interior lights that you can turn on and off, and other valuable features to help you finish your off-road adventure, day or night.

It is made with an infused resin process and layers of directional fiber orientation to protect against all weather, and it is made to match the Ranger’s bodywork.

Flare Windshield

This UTV FlareTM Windshield can handle whatever your Ranger can do. The side hips and top flips provide effective airflow management by redirecting air and reducing turbulence. The AXIA Alloys Mounting System makes it easy to attach and remove the windshield. Materials used to make NASCAR windshields are also used in this.

Flat windshields tend to push the rough air right at the driver and passenger and dump it into the cab when the wind is fierce. In this windshield, the air is rerouted through “hips” at the edge. It aims to deliver cleaner, less turbulent air to the driver and passengers due to the “flip” at the top feature. It means that you’ll be safe from wind and debris, but you won’t lose your ability to see.


You can buy parts online from the comfort of your home, which is a huge plus. When you go to a local dealer for a specific part, they will usually tell you it will take some time to get from the manufacturer. It can take around a month to get to you, which never happens when you shop online.

With just a few taps on your mobile or clicks on your computer, you can buy the exact piece you were looking for and get it delivered straight to your house. Also, you can return it without any trouble if it doesn’t fit your car.


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