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Myrka Dellano Net Worth

Myrka Dellano Net Worth

Myrka Dellano is a Cuban American television, radio, and book writer who is regarded as one of the most successful Spanish language TV newscasters. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the International Rescue Committee. Her career spans more than two decades and she has appeared on many important television shows and covered many historic events. She also earned numerous awards for her work. Her net worth worth is $16 million.

A journalist by training, Myrka Dellano has been a producer and a news anchor for CBS Radio and the local affiliate of Univision in Miami. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Miami. In 1992, she became a co-host for the popular Spanish-language television news program Primer Impacto. The program focuses on stories that are not usually covered in evening news. This helped boost the star’s net worth.

In 2001, she was awarded the “Hispanic of the Year” by the DMA. Later, she was selected as Goodwill Ambassador of the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit organization that works in the United Nations. In 2006, she founded her own 501(c)3 humanitarian organization. As an Ambassador for the IRC, she has traveled to several countries for her humanitarian work.

Myrka Dellano has a daughter named Alexa Della Della Della Della Della. She was born to a Cuban-American family in Philadelphia. At the age of 18, she attended the University of Miami where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree.

Dellanos began her professional career in 1992, after she graduated from the University of Miami. She got her first break at the prestigious Univision news program Primer Impacto. After two years with the show, she moved to Nashville. It was there that she met Luis Miguel, a famous Mexican singer. Their relationship lasted until 2005, when they split.

On February 22, 2018, she was expected to co-host the red carpet of the Premio Lo Nuestro with Raul Molina. Although she is a successful and renowned personality, she prefers a modest lifestyle. According to her, she prefers to lead a quiet life and encourages women who have suffered from domestic violence to overcome their problems.

Myrka Dellano is a talented journalist and author, who has worked in the broadcast industry for more than two decades. She is also a spokesperson for the ‘I Am Second’ campaign, which provides spiritual inspiration to people who are dealing with their own personal issues.

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Myrka Dellano has been married thrice. She was previously married to Dr. Alejandro Loynaz from 1991 to 1998. She later got divorced from him. From 2003 to 2005, she was in a relationship with famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel. However, they broke up after a few months of dating.

Despite her successful career, Dellanos has been a victim of domestic violence twice. She was once married to Ulyses Daniel Alonso, who is a Cuban pharmaceutical representative. He was arrested on 25 August 2008 for domestic battery. While he was charged with assault, he was released from custody on February 16, 2009 after a judge ordered his arrest.

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