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Richard Williams Net Worth

This article about is Richard Williams net worth. Richard Williams is an American tennis coach. Richard Williams net worth is 20$ million. Richard is the father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.

Richard Williams was born on February 14, 1942, in Shreveport, Louisiana. After graduating from high school, he transferred to Saginaw, Michigan, before finally driving to California, where he met his first wife, Betty Johnson. Richard and Johnson married in 1965 and included five children, Sabrina, Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka, before their divorce in 1973. In 1979, Richard met Oracene “Brandy” Price, who had three daughters with her late husband.

The two married in 1980 and held two daughters, Venus and Serena, before divorcing in 2002. Richard married for the third time in 2010 to Lakeisha Juanita, a grocery store owner a year older than Venus. The couple welcomed a son named Dylan in 2012 and divorced in 2017.

After the birth of Venus and Serena, Richard, who knows to play tennis from a man nicknamed “Old Whiskey,” decided that his daughters would be professional tennis players when he saw Virginia Ruzici, a professional tennis player from Romania, on television, according to The Jacqueline Edmondson’s 2005 book Venus and Serena Williams: A Biography.

According to the biography, Williams noted an 85 plan and started teaching Venus and Serena when they lived four and three years old. When Venus and Serena were 10 and 9 years old, Richard Williams moved his family from Compton, California to West Palm Beach, Florida to train them with Rick Macci, the same tennis coach who trained the likes of Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova.

In 1995, however, Richard Williams took Venus and Serena out of Macci’s tennis academy and trained them at home. The decision was made after he also quit sending Venus and Serena to junior tennis tournaments, so they could focus on school. The decision to keep them out of tournaments also came after he heard other players’ parents disparage Venus and Serena with racial comments. In 2021, Richard, who served as Venus and Serena’s coach for most of their tennis careers, became the motivation for the film.

King Richard, which follows the childhood of Serena and Venus and how their father turned them into the tennis superstars that tennis fans know today. There’s a stage where my dad says.” Serena told Entertainment Weekly in 2021 about King Richard. “Well, Will tells you’re doing this for all the black girls. And that hit me differently because obviously at the time we didn’t know that.”

Serena also explained to EW why she and Venus wanted her father to be the center of the film, instead of them. “There are many ways to describe this story. But I think telling him through my father was the best way because he kept the idea.  So where is Richard Williams now? In 2016, Richard, who was 74 years old at the time, suffered a stroke. His wife at the time, Lakeisha, told Radar Online that Richard was in stable condition but that he would need speech and physical therapy.

“He’s up and walking, but not 100 percent.” She resumed: “He must lecture therapy, psychological therapy, and biological therapy, but for now he denied. I’m trying to keep it under control and relaxed so that when we get back from town we can try to get it going. But he doesn’t like anyone to disturb him.”

Read on to find out what we know about Richard Williams’ net worth and how much he has earned as the father of two of the greatest tennis players of all time. So what is Richard Williams net worth? Richard is net worth $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Although Richard is a billionaire, his net worth is still only a sliver of what his daughters Serena and Venus are worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Venus is worth $95 million, with more than $42 million earned in bonus money from the Women’s Tennis Association. Serena, for her part, is worth 210 million dollars, with more than 94 million won in prizes. Serena also received $55 million from Nike, with whom she signed a five-year endorsement deal in 2003. In an interview with GQ in 2021, Serena discussed how she was her father “before her time.”.

“My dad was and still is developed before his time. He will see, when someone is different, when you don’t act or look like a person assumed you would, the first reaction is often fear,” he said. “They think, how do we break them? My dad predicted that, but he wouldn’t let him or his family break up.” Serena also told Refinery29 in 2021 that she and her sister, Venus, would not be the tennis players they are today if they lived for their father. “There would be no Venus and Serena if it lived for Richard,” she said.

“He is always thinking on a different level. Even now, he is always considering five steps above everyone else. And the way that she taught tennis with techniques, the way that she pushed me and my sister, it was a great opportunity to tell her story.” To learn more about Serena and Venus Williams, read their father Richard Williams’ 2017 memoir, Black and White: As I See It. The book tracks Richard’s life from his impoverished childhood in Shreveport, Louisiana in the 1940s to the father of two of the greatest tennis players of all time: Serena and Venus Williams.

“I still feel very close to my father,” Serena says in the book. “We have a great relationship. There is an appreciation. There is closeness because of what we have been through together and respect.” Black and White: As I See It is described as a story about how a “self-made man” with an “indomitable spirit” made everything possible for himself and his family.

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