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Rocky Graziano Net Worth

Rocky Graziano Net Worth

One of the greatest knockout artists in boxing history, Rocky Graziano is a former middleweight world champion and actor. He was born on January 1, 1919, in Brooklyn, New York. His father was Nicola Barbella and his mother was Ida Scinto.

Graziano was raised in an Italian neighborhood on East 10th Street in Manhattan’s East Village. When he was about six years old, he began to box in front of his father’s friends. As a young adult, he won a gold medal in the New York Metropolitan Amateur Athletic Union Boxing Competition.

After winning his gold medal, he sold it for $15. In fact, he won four boxing matches in 1939.

Graziano became an actor after he retired from professional boxing. He appeared in several television series. He also co hosted a short-lived series with Henny Youngman. Eventually, he relocated to California and was taken up by Irving Cohen.

In 2007, Graziano was inducted into the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame. He also wrote an autobiography with Rowland Barber. The story of Graziano’s life was adapted into a film starring Paul Newman.

Graziano’s net worth is estimated to be between $100K – $1 million. He has a wife and three children. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private. If you are interested in knowing more about him, you can check out his wiki page or Facebook.

Rocky Graziano was a middleweight boxing champion and one of the last great fighters from the golden age of boxing. He shocked the boxing world in 1945 by defeating Billy Arnold in Madison Square Garden.

Before his career as a boxer, Graziano was a troubled youth. He was a juvenile delinquent. During his first bout, he was suspended for failing to report an attempt to bribe a police captain. Fortunately, he was later reinstated by the New York State Athletic Commission.

Graziano had a record of 67 wins and 52 knockouts. He was also a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He was ranked number 23 on The Ring magazine’s list of the greatest fists of all time.

Despite his reputation as a crude puncher, Graziano is known for his ability to finish an opponent with just a single blow. He is a former world middleweight boxing champion and a member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame. He was also a boxing commentator and writer.

While Graziano’s fame was limited to his boxing career, he still made a lot of money. He owned a pizza restaurant, and appeared in dozens of television commercials during the 1970s and 1980s. He was also a spokesperson for Claridge Casino. Aside from boxing, he was also a comic actor and author.

In his autobiography, Graziano tells the story of his early life, and how he became an athlete. His story was the basis for the popular film Somebody Up There Like Me, starring Paul Newman.

Graziano is a member of the International Boxing Hall-of-Fame and the Nassau County Sports Hall of Fame.

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