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Rolly Romero Net Worth


Rolly Romero is an American professional boxer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Status of a professional athlete, he has been fighting for 5 years. Rolly fights in the lightweight class most of the time. Rolando is most known for performing as the WBA’s interim lightweight champion from 2020 to 2021.


Rolly Romero was born in the year 1995, and on October 14th,2022 he turned 14 years old. Romero was born in the Nevada city of Las Vegas. As a result, he is a United States of America citizen. Romero is 27 years old. He will turn 14th, on October 2023. His nickname “Rolly” means “Rolly”. The star’s sun sign, according to his birth information, is Libra. Although Romero’s educational background is unknown, he appears to be a well-educated man.

Height, Weight

Romero’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches and his weight is 70 kg. He competes in the lightweight weight category. 

Boxing Fights Won

Boxing Fights Won

Rolly has won 14 of his fights thus far. He is, in a nutshell, unstoppable. The boxer gained popularity in the run-up to his December 5, 2021 battle with Gervonta Davis. Both fighters demonstrated their daring during a recent news conference. Rolly was challenged by Gervonta Davis, a well-known boxer, who projected that he would knock Romero out in the first round. Rolly Romero’s bout promotion likewise begins with a furious press conference.


The boxer was born to wonderful and caring parents. Their identities have not yet been released. Rolly Romero is believed to come from a family where sports are a way of life for the bulk of the members. His father was a famous Cuban boxer who won three national titles. Angelica Romero, the boxer’s younger sister, won the national Judo title seven times. The Romero family is a committed Christian from head to toe. Furthermore, the actress is of mixed racial descent in the United States.


He began his professional career in the year 2016. 21-year-old Rolando Romero fought his first professional fight on December 2, 2016, against David Courtney. The event was held in Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in Sunrise Manor, Nevada. After that, he was seen battling Adrian Levya in 2017. By a score of 2-0, Romero was victorious. 

Personal Life

Romero has a lot of female followers, but he has kept his love life, relationship, girlfriend, and wife a secret. Romero and his companion appear to be having an affair. In reality, it’s unclear if he’s married or not, but according to his Instagram bio, he’s a proud parent. He had a child with whom, albeit no specifics have been established. It’s also tough to comment on the actor’s present dating situation because he hasn’t stated anything.

Net Worth

Rolly Romero estimated net worth is $1 million to $2 million. The boxer has a nice and appealing demeanor. His net worth is increasing further.

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