Summer Prize Peaches

With the heat, the body asks for fluids and it is time to drink plenty of fluids and eat fresh and light foods. It is the season of plums, cherries, and of course, the delicious peaches.

Peaches is an exquisite, velvety, fleshy, and sensual fruit that can be eaten alone or in different preparations. A good peaches smoothie with water is restorative, and the famous Melba Cup (king of desserts), has peaches among its ingredients. It is also used to prepare refreshing daiquiris.

Argentina is the main producer of Mercosur. But it is very interesting to get out of the gondola and go to the orchard, which is where the product is generated.

That is why Cucinare spoke with Mariano Winograd, a fruit and vegetable consultant, who provided interesting information about the product: “Many people distinguish between white and yellow, although others distinguish between pelón, which does not have fluff, and peaches, which does. has,” says Winograd.

“There is a curious phenomenon, which is the origin of production. Before they were grown in Varadero, San Pedro, and the Delta, but now they come from Mendoza and Río Negro.

This means that they have to be harvested greener, because transport and distance make it take at least a week to reach the gondola, so producers look for firmer and less juicy varieties, which tells you about a kind of involution of the flavor, due to the needs of logistics and preservation of the product”, reflects the expert.

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