Erika Casher: Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired

The people are curious as to why was Erika Casher, a Tennessee Cigna nurse fired. In this article, we will discuss Why Erika Casher: a Tennessee Cigna nurse fired. The only thing that gives a person a sense of being alive is curiosity. Learning more about the Tennessee Cigna nurse who was fired and comparable information will make it clear that there are many people out there who do not compromise on moral and ethical issues. Keep reading to learn below.

Why Is Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired?

Why Is Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired?

During a meeting of the Tennessee school board, Erika Casher, a certified nurse, spoke out against mask mandates in schools. After being recognized as the woman in a video laughing at a young man testifying at a Rutherford County school board meeting regarding his grandmother’s death from COVID-19, she prompted uproar on social media.

A Tennessee high school kid makes an emotional plea for masks for the health and well-being of himself, his family, and his classmates in a video that has gone viral on social media. Grady Knox claimed that “no one donned a mask” when his grandma died of covid. On the other hand, an adult woman sits behind him, teasing him.

Why was Erika Casher, Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired? Twitter Video Explained

Erika Casher, a Cigna nurse, was dismissed after a viral video surfaced in which she appeared to laugh briefly while a Rutherford teen described her grandmother’s awful death. According to Meaww, Knox was one of seven youngsters who urged the Rutherford County Board of Education to make facial coverings obligatory at a hearing held earlier this week on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.

In the viral video, Knox, on the other hand, mocks and even laughs at several members of the school board audience. While the woman behind him held up a ‘Let Out Kids Smile’ placard, Casher chuckled as he claimed his grandma died of covid-19 after being exposed to someone who wasn’t wearing a mask. Many people on social media urged that she be fired for her actions, and the story rapidly went global.

Cigna was approached by Heavy to enquire about Casher’s firing after unfounded allegations circulated on social media, but the company has yet to respond. Erika’s firing has been confirmed by a Cigna acquaintance, according to an update. The claim was made on Reddit as well, but it has yet to be verified.

Erika Cashier’s family and age

Erika Casher is currently 36 years old. According to several web postings, she is currently residing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. There is little information regarding the nurse’s family.

Erika Casher Facebook and Twitter

According to TechnoTrenz, Erika’s Facebook account has been disabled. Her LinkedIn page was also taken down, although a copy of her resume listed her as a Cigna case manager who had previously worked as a registered nurse in hospices and hospitals.


The firing of a Tennessee Cigna nurse was big news, and the public was ecstatic about it because they are tired of people who mess with other people’s emotions and show no regard for even the dead. 

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