The Role of a Business Lawyer in Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Contracts are the “law” of commerce and define a business’s relationship with customers, vendors, commercial landlords, and employees. Business contracts are complex and require expert legal counsel.

A skilled business lawyer may ensure minimal legal issues by outlining a company’s obligations and requirements. They can also spot loopholes in contracts and advise on reasonable terms for the contract.


A well-drafted contract establishes the “law” of a business relationship and can make the difference between avoiding litigation or winning if the relationship inevitably deteriorates. Business lawyers at Linden Law Partners have years of experience drafting contracts for businesses and can help ensure that the documents reflect the unique needs of each situation.

A business attorney can help a new business decide on the best legal structure. It is an important consideration because a company that is not structured properly can put the owners at risk of losing personal assets to creditors and could even result in criminal penalties. Additionally, a business lawyer can assist with trademarking, copyrighting, and patenting a product or service to provide valuable protection for the client. They can also help clients draft internal agreements that govern how the new company will be managed. These agreements are often necessary for new employees, contractors, or vendors.


A corporate lawyer can help your company negotiate contracts and create a legal agreement that protects your interests for the long term. If you receive a 28-page document full of Latin phrases and legal jargon, your business attorney can help decode the words and explain how they relate to your business.

While it is essential to understand the other party’s needs, you must also consider your business goals and how this contract can further them. A savvy business attorney knows how to size up the other party to discern their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, a good business lawyer can help you avoid legal disputes over the contract by ensuring that the agreement is legally sound and clear. If a dispute arises, your lawyer can negotiate a pre-trial settlement that benefits both parties. It can save your business time and money in the long run. Resolving a dispute through mediation or arbitration is less costly than going to trial.


Hiring a business lawyer is necessary for any company looking to safeguard its interests. With their expertise in drafting enforceable contracts, a competent lawyer can ensure that a company does not agree to commitments they cannot fulfill. A well-drafted agreement can save a company from potential financial losses in future disputes. Businesses must recognize the importance of having a watertight contract and enlist the help of a skilled business lawyer to avoid any unwanted legal consequences. In many firms, the legal team or the business managers will review contracts before sending them to their counterparty. It can lead to a back-and-forth that takes time away from other work, resulting in version control problems with changes layered on each other.

This sloppiness can leave contracts vulnerable to interpretation and potential disputes. Having a professional business lawyer draft and review contracts can ensure that the document meets all requirements, is legally sound, and aligns with the company’s goals. Business lawyers are also familiar with current laws and regulations that may change, so they can word contracts to abide by these changes when needed.


It is possible to draft contracts independently, but having a lawyer review the final terms is also essential. It can help ensure that the agreement complies with the law, contains straightforward language, defines technical jargon, and is free of any loopholes that could be used against you.

It can be easy to miss a loophole in a legal document, but that is why business lawyers are skilled at reading through the legalese and identifying anything that may need to be clarified. They can also ensure that any information in a contract is current so it does not become invalid due to changes in laws or regulations.

While litigation is not something any business owner wants, it can sometimes be unavoidable. A business contract attorney is there to guide you through the legal processes of dispute resolution and litigation. They can also advise on how to avoid legal disputes in the future.

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