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Tink Net Worth

Tink Net Worth

During her early years, Tink became fascinated by singing and started writing songs for her friends. She participated in talent shows as a teenager and then got involved in choir and school choir. As she got older, she began to rap. She first began to perform for an audience when she was in high school. It was only a matter of time before she began to make money as a professional Rapper. She has been a part of several hit tracks and her career has been a long one. Her net worth is $15 million.

 Tink was born in America on March 18, 1995. In 2012, Tink released her debut mixtape, Winter’s Diary. It was a big success and received a favorable review from Rolling Stone. Her fifth mixtape, Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours, was also well received. It was named the eighth-best R&B album of 2014 by Rolling Stone. It was also named the ninth-best R&B album of 2014 by Billboard. Afterward, Timbaland invited Tink to record in his studio. The two teamed up for the hit track “Wanna Party.” The song was released as a single for Future Brown.

Tink was signed to Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, an imprint of Epic Records. It was this deal that delayed her debut album. In 2015, the release date for her album was pushed back until 2020. However, in an interview in February 2017, Tink revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Timbaland in three months. She also noted that she is happy to stay independent and hasn’t planned to release any new music with Timbaland.

Tink was a member of the XXL Freshman Class in 2010. She has released seven mixtapes and her first EP, Pain & Pleasure, was released in March 2018. She was also featured on Future Brown’s “Wanna Party” and Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Nobody.” She was working on her next project, which was released in 2020.

The timing of the release of her new album was a source of concern for Tink. She revealed that she had signed an agreement with her label with the rights to unreleased tracks, but had not yet received them. Eventually, Tink resigned from her contract with Mosley. She said she had been “frustrated” by the resistance she had experienced from both Mosley and Epic to allow her to share new material. During an interview with DJ Vlad in February 2017, she said she was comfortable with staying independent.

Despite her efforts to remain independent, she was still able to achieve success as a singer and rapper. She has collaborated with Future Brown, Kelela, Chief Keef, and Fred Santana. She has released several hit tracks, including “Used 2 Know,” “Wet Dollars,” and “Bad Side.” She has also opened for Sleigh Bells at the South by Southwest music festival. 

As a professional Rapper, Tink has worked with Epic Records, Fred Santana, and the Mosley Music Group. She has also been associated with DJ Dahi.

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