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Tommy Chiabra Net Worth

Tommy Chiabra Net Worth

Tommy Chiabra is an Italian businessman. He is the founder of World Wide Event, a luxury event management company. Also, he is the founder of Royal Yacht Supplies, a company that deals in yacht supplies. It has offices in Genoa, the Arab Emirates, and in Montecarlo.

Tommy Chiabra was born on April 6, 1986, in Genoa, Italy. He studied communication at IULM University of Milan. After graduation, he founded the aforementioned luxury event management company.

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million. In fact, he is one of the richest businessmen in the world. Some of his friends include Leonardo DiCaprio and Selena Gomez. His social media accounts have thousands of subscribers.

Tommy Chiabra is also a philanthropist. He has made contributions to his eponymous charity. Aside from that, he has worked on the Billionaire Mansion dining experience in Dubai. As for his relationships, he has been seen in several short-lived affairs.

Tommaso Chiabra is an Italian entrepreneur and is a pioneer in his industry. Together with Manuele Thiella, he founded the aforementioned Royal Yacht International in 2011. Besides that, he is also the owner of Billionaire Mansion, a gourmet dining experience located in the UAE. Among his close friends, he has been spotted cosplaying in St. Tropez.

He is also an accomplished musician. He has released several albums and has collaborated with the likes of Elvis Presley and Elton John. However, he is best known for his EPs.

When it comes to his other accomplishments, the most impressive is the fact that he was able to find a way to sell the songs of Woodstock in the digital age. While he was doing that, he found out how to use the Amazon platform properly. Now, he has a huge following on Twitter, where he sells his products.

Tommy Chiabra has a healthy body weight. And, his zodiac sign is a Tiger. This has led to him having a number of successful businesses. At age 33, he is the wealthiest businessman in the world. But, he hasn’t updated his marital status yet. Nevertheless, there are signs that his relationship with Selena Gomez is a good one.

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He has been a model before he became a successful actor. As a matter of fact, he was discovered at the age of 14 in a mall in Kristiansand. He has walked the runway for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Victoria’s Secret.

He has a number of friends, including Rotimi. He is also a longtime friend of Leonardo DiCaprio. The two of them have been spotted together on several occasions. They were even spotted celebrating Selena’s birthday with Cara Delevingne.

Moreover, he has been spotted with Jessica Szohr, who is a friend of his, in France. He has also dated Selena Gomez, but they broke up. One thing is certain, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. With the help of his wife, he has been able to start a business that is truly impressive.

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