Vexus Bass Boats – A Comprehensive Guide

Bass boat speed is crucial for tournament fishing, as it allows anglers to fish more spots and get back to the weigh-in station before the buzzer goes off. Vexus builds its boats with blazing-fast motors to keep anglers comfortable and safe on the water.

This aluminum bass boat has a live well and a trolling motor. It’s built to be affordable and easy to maintain.


Vexus bass boats are one of the fastest-growing boat brands in the US. They are known for their sleek designs, spacious interiors, and robust engines. In addition, they are easy to handle and offer a smooth ride. Moreover, they are highly affordable.

Many boat owners have reported that the brand offers good warranty service. However, some users have complained that the boat is prone to problems with its electronics and batteries. To avoid these issues, cleaning the batteries regularly by removing them and wiping them with water and baking soda is advisable. Also, store your boat in a cool and dry place. It is also essential to keep the storage boxes open a little so that condensation does not form. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the boat. You should also check the battery connections regularly for corrosion.


The boat has ergonomically designed captain’s chairs and passenger seats. They also include a patented intensive care livewell system to protect bass until weigh-in time. It recirculates the water and keeps oxygen levels high to extend the life of your fish.

The boat has a keel made of aluminum, which helps them perform better in skinny waters. However, this feature has a downside: it makes them slippery in the wind and current, especially at low speeds, such as when idling. It can make them more difficult to dock and load.

In addition, the keel may scratch the bottom of the boat’s trailer. Taking good care of the boat after every trip is crucial to avoid this issue. It is also recommended to use a boat cover whenever possible. It will help to keep the boat clean and protect it from scratches and other debris.


Known for its fishing boat designs and a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry. It allows them to produce a bass boat that is very stable compared to other brands.

Many owners find them very comfortable and maneuverable. They also say they are well-made and great for family trips. However, some users have complained about condensation in the storage boxes and missing tackle dividers.

Another advantage of owning a Vexus bass boat is its resale value. However, taking good care of your boat after every trip is crucial. For example, regularly wiping the interiors and exteriors is recommended to avoid scratches. It is also necessary to remove the batteries and charge them appropriately.


The boat has large fishing decks and cavernous storage compartments, making it an excellent choice for anglers who bring a lot of gear. They also have a smooth ride and maneuver well in skinny water.

The aft deck features plush jump seats that fold down to extend the deck. It also has a slanted, aerated life holding multiple fish species. A hatch in the center of the aft deck opens to provide access to the batteries, charger, bilge, and livewell pumps.

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