Business Idea – Water Catapult Rental

A unique novelty in the field of water entertainment is the blob water catapult. To make a jump on a blob means to get an unreal influx of adrenaline, joy, and desire to try the attraction again. USA and Europe blob tournaments have been held for several years. In this article, we will discuss the business idea – Water catapult rental.

How To Start A Water Catapult Rental Business

An entrepreneur who decides to open such a business should not confuse an attraction with a competition – when organizing a Blob rental, human safety is first and foremost important. A water catapult is an intense attraction, but it is not necessary to achieve high jumps, as you can visit on Youtube. The attraction will be popular even with a flight of two meters in height.

The process of setting up a blob rental business is not that complicated. The main components of the attraction are a jumping tower and the blob itself – an inflatable pillow measuring 6 meters in length, into which air is pumped.

What equipment to choose for the attraction

For rental, you should take a catapult with a length of 8 meters and a width of at least 2.5 meters in an inflated state – so that a person does not fall off the water catapult rental and you can jump together from the tower. Smaller blob sizes are only suitable for children (up to 6 meters long).

When buying an attraction, you should look at the presence of fasteners at the end of the blob for fixing near the shore. Fasteners should be provided on the sides to lock it in place so that the blob does not float away from the wind.

An extremely important component of the attraction is the tower for jumping on the blob. Some beaches have special observation towers 5 meters above the water level – in this case, you can save money at the start simply by renting this tower. If there is no finished tower, then there are several options:

1, Order a tower at the factory, where it will be welded to you according to the specified parameters. It will be expensive, but forever.

2, Make your wooden tower. Cheap and cheerful.

3, Buy a tower “Tura” (such a tower in any construction company) and adjust the stairs to it.

In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the parameters of the tower:

  • Tower height – 5 meters;
  • The size of the platform for jumping is at least 2m2, for a free capacity of at least 2 people;
  • Convenient stairs.

It is not recommended to use an inflatable tower for blob jumping. Firstly, such towers have extremely low resources, which is hardly enough for a season of work. Secondly, inflatable towers are highly traumatic, it is easy to damage and it is far from cheap.

The only reason to use an inflatable tower is when you need to organize a rental away from the coast. However, this action is also very doubtful, since you will have to take customers there, which is time-consuming and not always convenient for payment.

In addition to the basic equipment, organizing a full-fledged business will require the purchase of additional equipment. This includes life jackets. Do not mistake them with safety vests – these will not work. Inflatable vests are also not suitable. You should buy high-quality, good vests, as they will be accountable for the protection of visitors.

Next, you need to buy a rope and a weight to fix the blob on the water and an electric pump for inflating the blob (a pump for inflating ordinary air mattresses is suitable).

What Taxation System To Choose For The Attraction

Certain costs will have to be incurred for registering a business. Registration of individual entrepreneurship with the local tax office will be required. Such a procedure costs nothing at all – 800 rubles (state duty) and requires a minimum package of documents (passport and application for registration).

As a taxation system, it is best to use the patent system, as it frees you from the need to keep accounting records and submit reports. I bought a patent – and work quietly for 365 days (well, or one summer season, in the case of blob rental).

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