What 420 Day Means In Popular Cannabis Culture

Millions of people consume their favorite cannabis products daily for recreational or therapeutic purposes. Several more avid collectors of various smoking devices enable them to enjoy smoother, healthier, and safer hits each time.

But if you have seen any 420 memes and assume they are just marijuana jokes, you are gravely mistaken. Translated to mean the twentieth of April, it has been designated as the unofficial marijuana day, with scores of users lighting up to declare their love for the product.

The following is a quick summary of some essential aspects of this day to help new users catch up with the pros.

A Brief History

While there are contentions about the true origin, it is widely accepted that the celebrated day has its roots in a California school in the 1970s. Around five high school kids who were ardent marijuana users began using the term “420” to indicate the time (4:20 PM) they would meet up for a collective smoke. The now-popular group has quickly christened the Waldos because their favorite smoking spot was next to a prominent wall.

Soon, the term 420 caught up, and everyone else began using it to ask for the product or set schedules to smoke together. It was meant as a discretion to prevent the parents and teachers from understanding the communication.

While commemoration of the twentieth of April as marijuana day began in the US, millions of users worldwide celebrate it as well. People send flyers and arrange social meet-ups where they smoke their favorite joints together, sharing their love for the popular substance.

There Are Memes to Commemorate It

Since social media sites became popular a couple of decades ago, intriguing and fun 420 memes can be found almost everywhere on the internet. People create unique designs or modify existing pictures using sophisticated tools to send messages of commemoration to fellow cannabis enthusiasts at the click of a button.

Moreover, ordinary folks are not the only ones wishing one another on this critical day, with several celebrities (like Seth Rogen and Snoop Dog) joining in the fun. Besides spectacular memes that feature weed as the core ingredient in people’s lives, you can find fantastic pictures online. Even Beto O’Rourke, who is campaigning to be governor of Texas, had a unique way of acknowledging the day by asking supporters on Twitter to donate $4.20 if they wanted a governor who would legalize cannabis in the state.

The extraordinary thing about these social media pictures is that while they make light of weed and its users, they also highlight how critical it has become for most folks in their everyday lives.

Role That Retailers Play

Thousands of online retailers join the bandwagon to celebrate this special day each year, offering discounts on their products and funny sections featuring the latest memes. Moreover, avid smokers recommend that newbies buy their products from these vendors as they are affordable, high quality, and durable.

Many reputable suppliers provide custom devices incorporating the specific features requested by their customers. They also offer free shipping, hassle-free returns, easy exchanges, cleaning agents, smoking accessories, essentials, etc. Therefore, consider using one of these trustworthy sources the next time you need an upgrade on your bong, pipe, dab rig, and other marijuana essentials.



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