What are the different kinds of precision CNC machining services?

Milling, turning, and grinding any material requires precision. Even the slightest miscalculation can disturb the overall structure of the product. Therefore, accuracy plays a significant role in producing correctly measured parts in metals and engineered polymers.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is effective at this job. It is a computer-controlled manufacturing process where pre-programmed software controls the working of various cutting machinery, like lathes, grinders, and turning mills.

Some industries where this machine is in high demand are aerospace, medical, electronics, transportation, oil, and gas. For the best results, you should opt for precision CNC machining services offered by companies where the process is fast, cost-effective, and accurate to the minutest detail.

The importance of accuracy in these services cannot be overstated. You might require only some parts in a machine that needs milling (cutting or shaping), turning or grinding, or a combination of these. Precision machining delivers you an output based on your requirements.

Here is the information if you wish to know more about the services and their benefits.

Types of precision CNC services

Here are some services to look for in a company specializing in computer numerical control machines.

CNC milling

It promises an excellent surface finish with top speed and accuracy. The milling process involves a team of highly experienced programmers who convert CAD files into tool paths, allowing for part quality and minimum production time.

Experts in CNC precision machinery aim to maximize the material removed in a single milling process, thus reducing the chances of geometric errors caused by re-fixturing the parts. It also reduces the lead time (the total time required to complete a cutting process).

3-Axis milling

The 3-Axis mill, also known as the vertical mill, is one of the most versatile machine tools. It is ideal for producing castings and forgings that require flat surfaces and mounting holes. The 3-axis can have prismatic parts like housings, brackets, dies, and mounting plates with straight surfaces, edges or sides.

5-Axis milling

When the 3-Axis is incapable of producing the desired design, companies turn towards the 5-Axis machine. It is efficient at milling complex contours and surfaces, which other devices cannot do.

One of the primary benefits of this machine is its ability to combine multiple operations into a single setup, thus increasing the speed of the production process and the product’s quality.

Other benefits of this machine include:

  • Fewer setups for producing complex shapes.
  • Fewer expenses on fixtures.
  • Superior geometric position.
  • Enhanced surface finish.

CNC turning

Companies use these for machines with cylindrical shapes, resulting in a fast, precise, and repeatable process. Besides facing and turning the outside diameters of a product, it can bore and produce tapers and conical shapes.

It also works best for shafts, collars, hubs, couplings, and related parts. One of the primary advantages of CNC turning is its ability to produce complex parts in the least time.

Some parts produced by turning are pulleys, hubs, collars, valve spools, shafts, and couplings.

Custom projects

You might have specific requirements regarding a particular project. An experienced machining company offers a wide range of custom services to ensure those are fulfilled.

These include support with prototyping and a long-term supply of large materials. They ensure you receive high-quality machined parts using their highly advanced programming skills and expertise.

The custom services cover CNC 3-Axis and 5-Axis milling and turning, each playing an essential and distinct role in the production process. For example, Custom 3-Axis milling machines efficiently produce holes, pockets, and flat surfaces on prismatic parts.

It would be better if you opted for precision CNC machining services from an experienced company to get highly accurate metal parts and engineered polymers according to your requirements. They deliver precision machined components using various milling and turning machines along with their engineering expertise.


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