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A Guide To Starting A Candle Business From Home

This article is about A guide to starting a candle business from home. If you are passionate about candle-making, this business will give you a source of income from your passion. The article is here to give you business tactics on how to sell homemade candles online and monetize your talent.

Do you need a proper setup to start a candle business? No, you can start from a small home business and make money online with this business. Candles are a culture rather than a fad, and therefore the time for beautiful and innovative candles will never fade.

How Is The Manufacture And Sale Of Candles Is A Lucrative Business?

Candles are made and sold in all parts of the world, so the market for candles is not small and will never run out for you.

Additionally, people appreciate a variety of candles, from scented melts to designer pieces, simple church candles, unique candles, or as gift sets, they like to decorate and light their homes with beautiful homemade candles.

Among the long list of homemade products sold on the market, candles are fun and easy to make. You can easily start a home business, a side business, or an entire production unit, keeping candle-making as the crux of the deal.

The commercial viability of candles

The candle industry is expected to be a 5 billion dollar affair, all thanks to people who love to decorate their homes with such assortments.

In recent years, the commercial use of candles has seen a strong increase with spa and massage centers using scented candles to create a relaxing atmosphere, and also restaurants promoting candlelight dinners or candlelight musical nights as the charm of the night.

Not stopping here, customers purchase assorted candle sets and use them to decorate entryways or other focal points in their homes for aromatherapy, relaxation, or stress release. Taking Google trends, the worldwide interest in candles is constantly increasing.

And although buying candles is a constant trend around the world, the countries that enthusiastically welcome homemade candles are the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Ireland, and New Zealand.

These are undoubtedly the key points for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a market (national/international) to make their business prosper.

Market analysis

No matter you are dealing with candle making and selling or any other local business, previous market, and trend analysis is your savior to gain the most appropriate knowledge of what your potential audience likes. Spend accordingly, spend wisely.

You can rely on sources like Google Trends, Facebook Audience Insights, and Google Keyword Planner for insights into what people are searching for the most on these channels.

While Google is the most preferred search engine in the world, Facebook is the largest platform that unites the entire world; With the help of the two, you can get the best market analysis and concrete solutions.

Google Trends shows a different graph of interest for different categories of candles: from scented candles to soy candles, there is a specific derivative of what attracts customers in the candle gene. This analysis is a great advantage for you to start your own candle business.

Benefits Of Starting A Home Candle Business

Benefits Of Starting A Home Candle Business
Benefits Of Starting A Home Candle Business

Not only in terms of demand but other aspects greatly favor an aspiring entrepreneur when it comes to starting a candle business.

Here is the checklist of advantages for you:

Low cost of capital

It takes endless passion and a small startup cost to run a candle business. You can start your candle-making business from home as you don’t need any heavy machinery.

This in itself saves a lot in your pocket. Other than that, most commodities are profitable. However, there are some varieties of candles that require more expensive and delicate raw materials but can then be included as you scale your business.

A world market

Wherever you go, there is a lucrative market for assorted homemade candles. You can easily access craft shows and various other local markets with their beautiful masterpieces.

On top of that, homemade candles can travel the world, giving you a distinct advantage of expanding your business online and offline both ways.

Easy to learn

A couple of candle-making courses or tutorials and you’ll be ready to make your dream come true.

Making candles is an easier process once you understand it. These tutorials will walk you through the key considerations on how you can create commercially viable products.

It will also give you a showdown on what’s new within your niche. There are endless courses and tutorials that you can watch grow from where you were yesterday.

Easy to scale

It is easier for you to grow in the right direction with your candle-making business. Starting as a hobby for a company and later for a brand, several small businesses have successfully achieved their dreams.

Innovative and fun

With your passion for candle-making, you will never run out of motivation and every day will be fun for you.

The segment has a lot to explore and innovate – there is plenty of room for your imagination to grow and result in some exclusive high-end designs that will become the signature of your brand.

Highly customizable

As said before, you can get as innovative as you want and create great masterpieces that will be the signature of your brand. As a USP (Unique Selling Point), you can create personalized gift sets for various festivals and occasions.

Customize your products and provide a variety of options to distinguish your business from your direct competitors.

Types Of Homemade Candles

Types Of Homemade Candles
Types Of Homemade Candles

When preparing for a catalog, make sure you have a variety to offer. Customers are less likely to pounce on your competitors if you have a variety to offer them.

All in all, the probability of converting customers is directly proportional to the size of your catalog. Also, it gives you an innovative advantage that catches all eyes.

You can’t afford to ignore the types of homemade candles that will contribute to the catalog of your homegrown candle business. Although these types of candles mentioned below have different raw material requirements, you can easily make them at home.

Soy candles

Soy candles are in the spotlight these days for their non-artificial content, making them the preferred choice over old-school paraffin candles. These types of candles are made from soy wax which is derived from soybeans and other vegetable oils.

Scented or aromatherapy candles

As the name suggests, scented candles have an aesthetically pleasing scent that will wash away any foul odors in the room, creating a calming aura and instantly calming the brain.

These scented or aromatherapy candles come in a spectrum of scents that appeal to people with different scent preferences. Therefore, it is safe to assume that there is a fragrance for every person and occasion.

Aromatherapy candle manufacturers make products with certain scents that have physical and mental benefits. The main ingredient here is essential oils that promote physical and mental healing. Like lavender, it is associated with relaxation and stress relief.

Vegan candles

 People are concerned about the use of certain ingredients in the products they consume. The same goes for candles. There is a category of people who buy only vegan products (no animal ingredients).

Regular candles are made with beeswax and other animal by-products that are not preferred by these people. These people abound all over the world.

Home decor candles

Available at almost every home decor store, the market for home decor candles is growing. These candles come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, making your home look beautiful without any limited edition fixtures in the house.

The skies are the limit for innovation with these types of candles you can bring in various designs, experiment with colors and fragrances.

The pocket-friendly way to decorate your home, these decorative candles also come in unscented versions that can be enjoyed by those with migraines or allergies to odors.

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