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Angelica Vale Net Worth

Angelica Vale Net Worth

Known for her roles in Mexican telenovelas, Angelica Vale is a well-known Mexican actress. She was born into a family of entertainers and is the daughter of actress, singer, and comedian Angelica Maria. Throughout her career, she has appeared on many Spanish-language programs, and in the past decade has been one of the main celebrity impersonators on the popular Mexican soap opera La Parodia. Her net worth is &7 million.

Vale has also released seven studio albums. In 1989, she released her self-titled debut album, and in 2015 she released her seventh. Her album, titled “With Love From Angelica,” is her most successful to date. She has also released her own vodka brand. In 2007, she and her mother were inducted into the Paseo de las Luminarias at the Plaza de las Estrellas, for their work in the recording industry. She was born on November 11, 1975.

As an actress, Vale has appeared in numerous telenovelas, notably the famous ‘La Fea Mas Bella’, which co-starred Jaime Camil. Her performance in this series earned her a Premios TVyNovelas award in 2007. She also starred in the movie ‘Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-cellent Adventure’. In addition, she voiced the character Bibi in the animated movie ‘Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos’. Moreover, she was featured in the dub version of the movie ‘Ice Age’.

When she was a teenager, Vale began acting, appearing in a number of short films, including a number of the ‘El milagro de Vivir television serials. She later starred in the telenovela, ‘The Prettiest Ugly Girl’, which also featured her mother. She was one of the leading celebrity impersonators in La Parodia during its run from 2000 to 2005. Afterward, she went on to star in the series, ‘Amigas y rivals. During this time, she made several guest appearances on other television shows, including ‘Ugly Betty and ‘Jane the Virgin’. She also acted with her daughter, Gloria, in an Angelica Ortiz production.

As an actress, Vale has been linked to many men. She has had one relationship, though she is not publicly revealing that she is single. She was previously romantically linked to Jose Luis Figueroa, the son of Joan Sebastian. However, she recently confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with him.

Vale has been active in the entertainment business for 30 years. She and her mother, Angelica Maria, were inducted into the Paseo de Las Luminarias at the Plaza de las Estrellas, for their contributions to the recording industry. The two are also among the few daughters-mother entertainers in the business. In 2007, they were featured in a book, ‘Televisa Presenta’.

Her father was a dentist, and her mother, Angelica Maria, was an actress. Their parents separated when she was cast in the 1996 television show, ‘Bendita Mentira.’ During that time, Vale saw paparazzi attention on both her parents. In 2003, her father died in a Houston hospital.

Although the Vale family was blacklisted from Televisa in the early 1980s, the family was able to return to the television screen in 1986, thanks to the intervention of Ernesto Alonso. In the process, they launched an independent production company for their TV show, ‘Agujetas de color de rosa’.

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