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Benefits Of A Garden Room For A Home Office

This article about Benefits of a garden room for a home office. Many times you want to have a sigh of peace or tranquility in your home. A garden is a place where tranquility and joy assimilate, the countryside is undoubtedly a way to accompany and feed the soul from your home.

4 Types Of Gardens At Home Or Office

Interior gardens

Urban life and where there are many buildings, this type of garden is very common in these environments due to little space available.

It is like a secret garden and this could be from offices or own homes. They also tend to be small plants less than a meter tall occupying little space of consideration.

This type of garden flourishes the interior decoration, it lends itself to when we spend a lot of time inside our home. It is an effective way to decorate our room or living room giving life to nature from within.

You must take into consideration the preferences or dislikes that the plant may have when placing it indoors, many of the plants that you might want to have inside your roof, may not be suitable for placing them in those environments and you will have to opt for another species.

Depending on the space that we have in our room, we can contemplate between it with its small garden and extend it according to the space that allows it.

Hanging gardens

This type of garden is also a visual aspect, mainly if it is used in corridors, arches, or simply in the surroundings of our home.

You must prepare the support according to where the small containers will be attached. In bower gardens, this is usually an excellent idea hanging from horizontal supports.

Container gardens

In containers, it is a type of garden where it is usually more common in homes and it is due to the ease of moving from one place to another since it can only be a container that adorns our house or desk.

It is flexible as well as moving from one place to another if at a certain time it is no longer necessary or you want to have another perspective of the small container.

Among them are cement or porcelain pots, which are more commonly used with metal wings.

Herb garden

This is a type of garden that is not exactly usually distinguished from others in terms of its construction or way of presenting itself.

Its main difference is that; They are edible, we are talking about herbs that can give us an aroma when we are close to them, it could be from basil, rosemary, or mint.

In addition, it can be used in other aspects of daily use.

The offices with plants are beneficial and these are elements that enhance good spirits. For this reason, it is advisable to incorporate them into the set of furniture in various spaces of the organization.

Garden tables are furniture that has a box, flowerpot, or recessed space in the center of these for the placement of small plants. Generally, these plants tend to be cacti, succulents, mosses, and low shrubs.

Placing these tables in the rest areas will boost the spirits of the workers who remain gathered around them, they will be able to count on a cleaner environment of impurities and even create a sense of belonging and responsibility for taking care of the beauty of this small garden.

The garden tables can have different styles; you can find them with a touch of minimalist style or a high dose of rustic style.

You can also opt for a custom-made model with which you can put your personal touch and make your workspaces stand out.

Without a doubt, getting a garden table for your rest and recreation spaces will be beneficial for your collaborators, to clear their minds and improve their mood.

Toxic Plants That Seem Harmless, A Risk To Decorate The Office?

Just as there are plants that are delicate and harmless office decorations, there are also apparently harmless species that are lethally toxic, so much so that they can cause the death of a human being.

These plants can be harmful to both animals and people, so it is necessary to verify that the species that are placed in the office represent some danger to maintain the proper precautions without giving up the possibility of appreciating their beauty.

Some office plants such as oleander, dieffenbachia, philodendron, and sansevieria are highly toxic and can cause vomiting to kidney and liver problems and death to those who eat them.

It is best to know the names of the species that are incorporated into the decoration of the office and take into account whether they are toxic species or harmless plants.

How To Care For Decorative Office Plants

Each plant deserves a different level of care. For example, office cacti require little watering care and can do very well both indoors and in sunlight; while other plants require more pampering and care to stay beautiful.

Keeping an eye on watering times, feeding times, the required levels of sunlight and the need for spraying or spraying the leaves is necessary to maintain the good health of the plants that you place in your office.

You can choose from a wide list of species that best suit your decorative style and the level of care you have to provide them.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Office Plants?

In each room the temperature is different; it must be measured for plants to flourish. To determine the appropriate climate, it is recommended to follow the following table:

  • Low (cool environment); the minimum temperature is 7 to 10 ° C, which is what the outdoor plants that are sometimes kept indoors, for example, azalea, heather, spring, cyclamen, etc., need. It is also recommended for some more typical indoor species, such as aucuba, aralia, or ivy.
  • Moderate (temperate environment); the minimum temperature is around 20 to 15 ° C and is ideal for plants such as clivia, aspidistra, asparagus, or Schefflera.
  • High (warm environment); The minimum temperature ranges between 15 and 20 ° C, it is ideal for most indoor plants such as dracaena, bromeliads, orchids, ficus, etc.

Note: To determine the temperature in the rooms, use an environmental thermometer, it can be obtained in specialized garden stores.

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