Benefits of SMS Customer Service for Businesses

There are many benefits of SMS Customer Service for businesses. First of all, it saves time and money. Next, it shows that your company cares about the customer and provides them with a dominant channel and one that customers prefer. Finally, it is more personalized than email. So, what are the benefits of SMS? Read on to find out and discover how SMS can help your business. Here are the main reasons to switch to SMS Customer Service. Once you start using it, you’ll see its benefits of it for your business.

Saves time

One of the best ways to improve your customer service is to use SMS messages. Customers who text businesses expect a quick response. It is best to respond to these messages within twenty minutes during the day and forty minutes at night. You can also schedule a specific time during which to respond to each text. This saves time and can also build customer loyalty. Customers will be less likely to switch to another brand if they are left waiting for too long.

Saves money

SMS customer service can save your business a great deal of money. When a customer has a broken item, a simple text message reminder can help them get the item to their doorstep. The service agent can even send a picture of the problem to the customer. A lot of brands are now using text to verify that the items are still in good condition. This way, the brand doesn’t have to pay for shipping the broken items to a warehouse. This way, it also saves money since it won’t have to pay warehouse fees to process damaged returns. Customers are happy because their replacements are quickly received.

Shows customers your business cares

You can show customers that you’re genuinely interested in their needs with an SMS customer service program. This service can be highly effective in generating customer engagement. It can allow you to send pictures, gifs, and vCards, as well as schedule text messages. It’s also a great way to schedule follow-up messages and double opt-in, which means customers don’t have to enter their email addresses each time they want to interact with your business.

Is more personal than email

Why SMS customer service is more personal than email? Because it’s less formal than email or phone calls, customers feel more connected to the message. This in turn boosts customer experience and satisfaction. Companies with diverse customer bases should provide multiple communication channels, including SMS. Allowing customers to contact customer service via SMS helps connect them to the company, answer their questions promptly, and retain them longer. SMS customer service is more personal than emails or phone calls, but there are some important differences.

Is less intrusive than calls

While both phone calls and text messaging have their benefits, SMS is more convenient for customers. Many consumers get frustrated by calls that they don’t answer or by calls that come during inconvenient hours. By opting for SMS, your customers will not have to waste time explaining their issues over the phone. Instead, they can simply reply to texts when it’s convenient for them.


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