Business’s Or Business: What Is The Difference Between?

In this article, we will discuss Business’s or Business: What is the difference between. Although the terms Business’s or business are used consistently in many places, there is some difference between them.

If you are engaged in an activity that constantly makes money, you are said to be in business. The word business means the company. While businesses are plural of business.

Quick Facts

  • Singular Business
  • Plural Businesses

What Is A Business?

What Is A Business?
What Is A Business?

First of all, you can comprehend the possessive form of the word “Business” you must consider how you use it. There are two meanings to the word “Business”.


The first meaning is uncountable and it means to engage in trade with other people.


The second meaning of business is a noun that has the same meaning as company or enterprise.

Word For Businesses

The word “businesses” is the plural of business. This word is mostly used when you are describing a company.

Here is an example.

  • Mark Stone is an entrepreneur who has started many businesses in various fields.

Word for Business’s

Word for Business's
Word for Business’s

When we are using the “company” form of the word, business is a way of writing the only proprietary form of the word.

Most style guides will use business as a proprietary form of both singular and plural because of a literal rule.

Word for Business’

The possessive plural version of the word business. 

Because the word “business” ends in s, we employ the apostrophe after the s.

If you’re having trouble with this (and you’re not alone! ), you may always say, “X belongs to the business.”

What Is A Company?

When you set up your business as a firm under the laws of the country, it becomes a company. The company is larger in scale than the business.

Starting a business is an expensive affair. However, it is possible to structure it legally so that it is considered a separate entity from its owner.

This is one moment that takes meaning when a business suffers a loss or something goes wrong. When it comes to debt, the company has advantages. Once you have registered your business as a business, you have limited liability.

Therefore, in the event of a loss and when you are unable to repay the loans, the debt remains the responsibility of the company and the creditors cannot touch your assets such as your home or car.

Also, if you are hoping to expand your business into more areas and become a big player, the best choice is to be a company.

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