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Big KRIT Net Worth

Big KRIT Net Worth

Big KRIT has been around for a while. He was born in Meridian, Mississippi on August 26, 1986. After attending a local community college, he decided to pursue a career in music. His parents divorced when he was a child. Nonetheless, he excelled in rapping and other forms of music. He got his start by writing music for other people and released a mixtape. In fact, this mixtape proved to be a big money maker. This has aided in Big KRIT’s net worth.

Besides being a rapper, Big KRIT is also a record producer. He has recorded 140 songs to date and has made his name in the rap industry. The first album from KRIT, Live From the Underground, made its debut in 2012. It was not only a successful album, but it also made its mark on the charts. As a matter of fact, it was the most successful album of its type to hit the US Billboard 200 in 2012. The second album, King Remembered in Time, was a bit more of a success, taking fifth place in the chart.

There is also one other thing about Big Krit that is worth noting: his net worth. While he isn’t the wealthiest rapper in the business, his reputed companies like Cadillactica, Cadillac, and Roc Nation have helped to boost his earnings. At this point in time, his total earnings are estimated at $400 thousand. However, the true worth of his musical endeavors may be higher or lower than this figure.

Among the things he’s made a splash with, his “Lacs N Chevys” single is probably the most notable. The song has made the cut on numerous best of lists, including “Best New Songs of 2014.” Similarly, his return of 4eva mixtape was a surprisingly successful project. A number of fans are clamoring for more of the same. Moreover, Big Krit has launched his own label. With that in mind, his net worth should be on the rise.

Although he hasn’t yet been ranked as the top hip hop star, his emergence into the industry has boosted his popularity. Many of his fans are still hoping to see him hit the stage at the Grammy Awards next year. Until then, they will have to content themselves with the many songs he has made. If the new album is any indication, Big KRIT is going to be around for a while. Hopefully, he’ll be able to continue his successful career and his net worth will grow along with it.

Overall, Big KRIT has a net worth that is more than enough to live the life of a middle-class American. If he continues to make the quality hits that he has been making, he should be able to enjoy an even brighter future.

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